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  • Mushroomhead 2nd Thoughts
    "I Hold Your Throat Within My Naked Hand I Can Never Hope To Have You Hear My Word I Lose Control At The Sight Of Blood I Visit You Through Six Feet Of Soil Bitch! I'm Mad As Hell, Mad As Hell Why Can't"
  • The Notorious B.I.G. Suicidal Thoughts
    "(RING, RING) (Hello? Aw shit, nigga. What the fuck time is it, man? Oh god damn. Nigga do you know what time it is? Aw shit, what the fuck's goin' on? You alright? Aw, nigga what the fuck is wrong wit"
  • Einsturzende Neubauten Three Thoughts
    "First, i thought: the advent of the iron age made the elongation of the male sex unavoidable and its main aim the penetration the knife, the sword, the spear Second, i thought: gunpowder, firearms the"
  • Gil Scott-Heron Morning Thoughts
    "My life's been one of movement, i've been travelling Just as fast as i can But i've been no more successful at getting away Than was my old man But i'm committed to the consequences Whether i stand or"
  • Madcap Midnight Thoughts
    "Working for the man, trying to make the wages, Working for the man, selling sophistication. Working for the girl, trying to stay sane, when all you wants a ticket on an outbound train. Hearts can be foolish. Turn"
  • Catamenia Mirrorized thoughts
    "Leaves are fallen, times have passed by, pitch black moon stares from the skyColdness emerge with the night, im wandering in dreamland of my own mindA silent, fading whispers haunts meAm i dreaming again"
  • Blindside Irrelevant thoughts
    "When I'm feeling low I consult my friends When I get depressed, contemplate the end When I don't know right, I see the light When I see the light, it's far too bright the light is too bright far too bright"
  • Moving Units Pink Thoughts
    "Why can't you try and love me Because I'm standing on the edge so shove me There's no time to rewind to Springtime Before our minds turned cold Now it's winter love's a splinter And our heart beats way"
  • Deerhoof Running Thoughts
    "They were called The Runners Four Always slipping through the back door When they come ashore Sneaking through their precious load, Cheating customs in a speedboat When they come in from far away Oh"
  • Elegant Machinery Repressive Thoughts
    "She comes like a stranger with forgotten shame dressed up in memories again and there is nothing i can do When I see her coming I close my eyes when I feel her presence I hear her lies smooth hands are"

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