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undegraund fly

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undegraund fly
  • Hilary Duff Fly
    "Any moment, everything can change, Feel the wind on your shoulder, For a minute, all the world can wait, Let go of your yesterday. Can you hear it calling? Can you feel it in your soul? Can you trust"
  • Breed 77 Fly
    "I know, the clocks are running slow and we'll get there in the end Still flows, the rivers running low, you're the needle stuck in my vein I know, there's gonna come a time when you're gonna turn round"
  • David Banner Fly
    "I know somebody fly who wants to come by and take off all her clothes and freak me for free.And I know somebody fly who loves to come by take off all her clothes and freak me for free.I know the truth"
  • Nicki Minaj Fly
    "Rihanna: I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise to fly to fly Nicki Minaj: I wish today it would rain all day maybe that would kinda make the pain"
  • Steve Winwood Fly
    "On a brave new morning smiling at the sky Every shadow of the past whispers goodbye There is hope if you can see I give it all to you, you give it all to me Every winter has the sun within its heart And"
  • Kyla La Grange Fly
    "Billy was a young boy throwing bricks Running through town with his finger flipped Crying inside for the love he missed Kissing your face with pale fist He could fly… He could fly… Missy was a swimmer"
  • Ruby Fly
    "As I fly through the eye unaware That the man at the helm is more scared Of losing his money than his mind or his hold on the sky And the wings on his rings that he wears Bend and bow to the man splitting"
  • Nightwish Fly
    "Were walking in the airWere floating in the moonlit skyThe people far below are sleeping as we flyWere holding very tightIm riding in the midnight blueIm finding I can fly so high above with youFar across"
  • Heartsdales FLY!
    "(R) Full circle , 'cause , , , but what you gon do when you fall (Uh, tell it to 'em) that's how I keep Movin', positive * ...(tell me how you feelin') , All you gotta do is (tell me what you gonna"
  • The Tragically Hip Fly
    "seventy days to cross the ocean seventy nights where no one's gonna hear me fall Freddie Mercury, i've sometimes wished i'd never been born at all (that's right) i remain unphotographed, yeah i don't"

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