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wwo rysio taxi driver

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wwo rysio taxi driver
  • The Naked Brothers Band Taxi Cab
    "T-t-taxi cab (x4) When you're walking around and you're late buses are packed and the subways ya hate Ya need a taxi cab Ya need a taxi cab When you should have been there an hour ago And you don't"
  • Modern Talking Taxi Girl
    "Oh, Never Say Never - If You Want To Be Clever I'll Die For You..... And Alway's And Ever - We're Staying Together Oh, That Is True..... I'm Tossing And Turning - 'Cause My Heart Is Burning Tell Me Your"
  • Budka Suflera Radio taxi
    "Jak mam wiedzieć, że mnie kochasz ?Jak mam pewnym być ?Trochę serca czasem okaż,będzie łatwiej żyć!Skąd mam wiedzieć, że coś znaczę,skąd mam to wiedzieć, skąd ?Zdradź się kiedyś, niech zobaczę,zrób ten"
  • Tanita Tikaram Happy Taxi
    "Criss-cross laces You have the centre You have the cinnamon In the centre You shouldn't be alone You should just pick up yourself And shine yourself And make yourself fit a bran new maybe in the side streets You"
  • Mireille Mathieu Hello taxi
    "Hello taxi Je suis presse aujourd?hui Emmenez-moi l?autre bout de Paris J?ai rendez-vous Dpchez-vous car mon c?ur Est comme votre compteur Il bat trop vite, vite Allez taxi Car il faut passer travers"
  • Amos Tori Taxi Ride
    "Amos Tori Scarlet's Walk Taxi Ride Lily is dancing on the table We've all been Pushed Too far I guess on days like this you know who your friends are Just another Dead Fag to you that's all Just another"
  • Blue System Taxi Girl
    "It was a rainy night A rainy night in New York city Oh, she'll never fall in love, had enough of all She was only 18, starring at the wall She's my taxi girl - she was my baby Through the stormy weather,"
  • Tori Amos Taxi Ride
    "lily is dancing on the table we've all been pushed too far i guess on days like this you know who your friends are just another dead fag to you that's all just another light missing on a long"
  • Rick Springfield Taxi dancing
    "I think that it's high time we had a talk I think that we're making a big mistake I've been feeling lately the magic is gone Are we just together for convenience sake, baby I don't believe it (feeling)"
  • Nina Rochelle Taxi 43
    "1... 2... 3... AAA!!! Nr du ker tillbaka till Sverige Bertta fr alla om mig Sg till dom att jag va ett misstag Frklara hur mycket du ngrar dig Fr Sverige vill ha det s Fr Sverige vill ha det s Men Taxi"

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