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  • Like A.M. Radio - Northstar
    "My friends say it's alright I keep my hands just out of sight in bedrooms where im nothing else there are broken laws and empty shelves and wonderful painting of white wedding dresses I will love"
  • 8 A.M Departure - Piebald
    "come on sleepyhead, it's time to drive to nowhere. i love it when you smile and aren't afraid to ask questions. don't you tell me to stop my breathing. malignant silence that dulls the senses tries my"
  • 4:35 a.m - Gemma Hayes
    "Driving so slowStreets are empty as we goBack over the canalWe've all had a long day and we're going homeWe all got big tears in our sides And the city salt doesn't helpBut it sure cleans them outIn little"
  • Am Radio - Unified Theory
    "There is a reason why I can't speak Our short conversation means everything to me Fine young teacher, I need help with my cursive Bronze that apple I was so proud to give you This is my wall that fell"
  • 5 A.M. In Amsterdam - Michelle Shocked
    "It's 5 a.m. in Amsterdam And this is how I know Not by the voice on my portable radio The batteries are old It's 5 a.m. in Amsterdam And this is how I know Not by a digital watch I don't even own one It's"
  • Steppin' To The A.M. - 3rd Bass
    ""At the sound of the tone, the time will be twelve A.M." Ready in the intro, cue up the Serch-lite Point us to the center stage (I'll grab the first mic) Projectin the voice with this mic that I'm"
  • 6 A.M. Or Nearer - The Guess Who
    "There ain't no reason to talk about the things I could have done My livin' don't come easy and I've hardly just begun I'm not getting back the heartaches like before Anymore Anymore They say seeing is"
  • At Five A.M. Tomorrow - Jaromir Nohavica
    "At five a.m. tomorrow Placed against the wall Ill toast before I go to my health with vodka Ill tear off the blindfold then in order to see sky above and I ll think once again of you my sweet love na"
  • A.M. To P.M. - Cassidy
    "I still move work, from the A.M. to the P.M. Niggas got beef, I'm gonna spray 'em when I see 'em [2X] I pump on the street from the A.M. to the P.M. Nigga want beef, I'm gonna spray 'em when I see 'em Lay"
  • Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. - Simon & Garfunkel
    "I can hear the soft breathing Of the girl that I love, As she lies here beside me Asleep with the night, And her hair, in a fine mist Floats on my pillow, Reflecting the glow Of the winter moonlight. She"

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