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  • Down - Metric
    "JIMMY: I wondered if you could come and help me I want to get from here to there EMILY: I saw your face looked down tonight I only hope that you're alright I know you think its always you Need some time"
  • Down - The Game
    "(The Game) That's Lloyd Bank's momma singin', You betta tell your boy to keep his mouth closed, Or he gon' get a black tux, And a free wake, How my bow tie lookin'?, You ready?, Let's go. (The Game) When"
  • Down - Modern Day Zero
    "Between you and I You seem to have control Never giving in For love even though You can't stand or breathe without me here How long do you think you can keep from going (Chorus) Down I think you"
  • Down - Cherry Monroe
    "My one night stand, my summer fling Came as fast as she left me Oh its such a tragedy We both had way too much to drink This empty bed, the long drive home Leaves me crushed and most alone You came and"
  • Down - Juelz Santana
    "Uh, Santana, let's do it Yeah, DipSet Man where ever I go, I hold it down I blow it down, you see me, believe me it's (Going down) These hoes love me to death, they mumble under they breath Lovely duets,"
  • Down - Suede
    "All the people in your life say you're down And the strangers in the night say you're down And the loonies on the right say you're down and you're down And the ambulances sigh that you're down And the"
  • Down - Cross Canadian Ragweed
    "Got one foot in front of the other Got the wind at my back Got the bluebird of happiness on my shoulder Along with everything I could pack Won't get me down Won't get me down Dig a hole, put me in the"
  • Down - Dave Gahan
    "I need some company I need you tonight You don't have to talk to me And don't be polite Take my body and soul I feel so old Down On the ground There's no one around And the snow is falling Down On the"
  • Down - Brad
    "Raise this spine Run from bottom on up Color come on Bring your blessings outside Step round a window Huddle self game bare Shiver pause for falling Trance to ingest lava dust Ease trust catalyst Down Down Low"
  • Down - King's X
    "woke up hot texas morning shades up and take a pee the weather... that empty feeling that comes from way down inside feeling down again it's raining depression hits me mixed up, the sky's all gray the"

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