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Śpiewające brzdące 8 teksty piosenek'

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Śpiewające brzdące 8 teksty piosenek'
  • Showoff Track #8
    "I know You think I'm gonna Leave you all alone But I'm not blind I'm not like those other guys You're always on my mind I won't leave you I'm here to stay I won't leave you And I'm here to go away I"
  • Malevolent Creation Section 8
    "Subdued by madness reality severe Pervading my mind, and my actions for years Flashbacks of combat, now hinder the skills Once possessed to gain victory through kills Symptoms increase Reliving fear,"
  • Public Image Limited Track 8
    "A bed in the corner The suffering suffragette Such an obvious trap, imagine that A Butterball turkey Spread her body, naked and silly A bulbous heap, batting her eyelids The lights go down, erupting"
  • Moby Grape 8:05
    "Eight-oh-five. It's useless to try I guess you're leaving soon I can't go on without you To keep you would be so wonderful To love you is so good Here is my heart that I give It's all that I have Do"
  • Elliott Smith Figure 8
    "Figure eight is double four Figure four is half of eight If you skate you would be great If you could make a figure eight That's a circle that turns round upon itself Figure eight is two times four Four"
  • Ringo Starr Liverpool 8
    "I was a sailor first, I sailed the sea Then I got a job, in a factory Played Butlin's Camp with my friend, Rory It was good for him, it was great for me Livepool I left you, said goodbye to Madryn Street I"
  • Velvet Acid Christ Dial 8
    "On a sea of nails in self doubt I push this feeling further into this sound. in all my failings I could never hide The truth of pain that left me broken deep on the inside. We are the future, We are the"
  • Superdrag 6/8
    "I've been wasting, wondering where you are I've been wondering if you'd be my star I never knew your secret, I can keep it somewhere in my throat I've been jonesing, droning for your heart I could use"
  • Hale 7, 8
    "I'll always be around But I won't be home You'll see me every time But we're not alone You'll hear me when you're deaf 'Cause you're impaired You'll lose the sight of me 'Cause you haven't stared I'll"
  • Backyard Babies 8 Balled
    "Ive seen you in the nightclubIve seen you dressed up rightBut your hearts not beating through your pale white skinThats how I know that youll never winAh, ah, its just a dead endAh, ah, and there aint"

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