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1000 koń

Teksty piosenek (1895)

1000 koń
  • Eisbrecher 1000 Flammen
    "Erst brennt das Haar Dann brennt die Haut Erst brennt es leise Dann ganz laut Erst brennt die Seele Dann brennt der Leib Erst brennt der Mann Dann brennt das Weib Dann brennt das Weib Erst brennt die Angst Dann"
  • Nickel 1000 Nights
    "It took me quite some time It had to be just right When it came I knew I'd found the perfect gift For you A thousand nights like this A stale cigartetts kiss A drink you can't resist And in your head"
  • Benzi And Sofia 1000 Things
    "And I'm, I'm over-joyed And I'm, I'm over-loved And I'm feeling lucky like a little girl Who's hiding under cover And looking to discover Every way to play the part inside this darkened cave The meaning"
  • Parsons Gram $1000 Wedding
    "and with all the invitations sent the young bride went away when the groom saw people passing notes not unusual, he might say but where are the flowers for my baby I'd even like to see her mean old mama and"
  • Scroobius Pip 1000 Words
    "They say a pictures worth a thousand words So with these thousand words I'll paint a picture in your mind that breaks the rule of thirds Let's go right back to the start What better way to begin Before"
  • Melissa Dori Dye 1000 Times
    "break my heart a thousand times should have treated me better all this time as i let you go and say good-bye i'm running faster into the night break my heart a thousand times break your heart a thousand"
  • Final Fantasy 1000 Words
    "I know that you're hiding things using gentle words to shelter me your words were like a dream but dreams could never fool me... Not that easily I acted so distant then didn't say good-bye before you"
  • Game Music 1000 Words
    "I know that you're hiding things Using gentle words to shelter me Your words were like a dream But dreams could never fool me Not that easily I acted so distant then Didn't say goodbye before you left But"
  • Holy Moses 1000 Lies
    "I don't wanna live without your fantasy And I like to come in your way to play I am not that kind Do you like to change your mind My love is not dangerous I've got so much to say A thousand lies - around"
  • Green Day 1000 Hours
    "Starlit night The moon is shining bright You are the one I need Up at your window I see a shadow Silhouette of your grace Here's this flower I picked for all the hours That you've spent with me The one"

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