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  • Cannibal's Hymn - Nick Cave
    "You have a heart and I have a key Lie back and let me unlock you Those heathens you hang with down by the sea All they want to do is defrock you I know a river, where we can dream It will swell up,"
  • New Hymn - James Taylor
    "(Taylor/Price) Source of all we hope or dread, sheepdog, jackal, rattler, swan. We hunt your face and long to trust that your hid mouth will say again let there be light, a clear new day. But when we"
  • Bro Hymn - Pennywise
    "To all my friends, present past and beyond Especially those who weren't with us too long Life is the most precious thing you can lose While you were here the fun was never ending Laugh a minute was only"
  • Hymn Polski - Kazik
    "Jeszcze Polska nie umarła,Kiedy my żyjemy.Co nam obca moc wzięła,Szablą odbierzemy. 2xHeja, Marsz, marsz, Dąbrowski,do Polski z ziemi włoskiej,Za twoim przewodemZłączym się z narodem. 2xJak Czarniecki"
  • Dalit hymn - Caedmon's Call
    "Sing from the village, sing from the town (Sub kooch ho sak-ee dey) Sing everyone who has been cast down (Sub kooch ho sak-ee dey) Emancipate, emancipate, Prime Minister, emancipate Emancipate, emancipate,"
  • Hymn 43 - Jethro Tull
    "Oh father high in heaven -- smile down upon your son whose busy with his money games -- his women and his gun. Oh Jesus save me! And the unsung Western hero killed an Indian or three and made his name"
  • Paperthin hymn - Anberlin
    "When your only friends are hotel roomsHands are distant lullabiesIf I could turn around I would tonightThese roads never seemed so longSince your paperheart start beating leaving me suddenly aloneWill"
  • The Hymn - The Abyss
    "... blasphemy ...s of the demon {heart} blue sky turns to black {ambers} of sacrifice In heaven ... as I {kill} {your marks} with anger I {bear} o{f/h} evil Satan {unholy/oh hail the/I hail the} Arrival unholy"
  • Death-Hymn - The 3rd And The Mortal
    "Dreams carry me into sleep As I sigh I write your name in my Soul As I search your words I cast my Destiny on to you Deadly whisper in my ear Finally me now, my time has come I never thought I would"
  • Him Hymn - Rudimentary Peni
    "For fifty-four years he worked hard On five foul factory flaws Boredom ranking low on his list of fears Though they say his tears they cried dry tears He's no teenager He's a real neat rager He's"

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