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All you need is love the beatles

  • All You Need - Sublime
    "Headed out for Austin, now were half way down the road. Hollering budda-budda-budda-budda-by! Steady staring out the window. It fells good, it fells nice, it feels like you need it. And back out on the"
  • Beatles - Daniel Johnston
    "When I was born in '61 They already had a hit They worked so hard and they Made it too They really were very good They deserved all their success They earned it yes they did they didn't Buy their respect"
  • The Beatles Fourth Christmas Record - Pantomime: Everywhere It's Christmas - The Beatles
    "(All): (Singing) Ev'rywhere it's Christmas, Ev'rywhere it's song. London, Paris, Rome and New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong. Oh, ev'rywhere it's Christmas, And I'm off to join the cheer! Ev'rywhere it's Christmas, At"
  • I Need You - Beatles
    "Beatles Help! I Need You (Harrison) You don't realize how much I need you Love you all the time and never leave you Please come on back to me I'm lonely as can be I need you Said you had a thing or"
  • Beatles And Stones - Guided By Voices
    "I've met famous people I've sung famous songs Famous people sing famous songs And the situations totally f**ked - totally wrong Do you wanna shout at the devil? Do you wanna twist and shout? This is the"
  • No Beatles Reunion - Forgotten Rebels
    "Paul McCartney can't be paid enough. For Lennon aren't the boys quite good, that's tough. Ringo's body is old and almost heart attack. Won't George's religion let him go back? Such sentimental shit and"
  • We All Need Love - Double You
    "We all need love . . . . . . . I swear it's true all that children me and you I swear it's true all that children me and you We all need love . . . . . . I was just alone and mad with my suitcase in my"
  • Beatles Medley - The Waterboys
    "We're Sergeant Pepper's lonely hearts club band we're sorry but it's time to go Sergeant Pepper's one and only lonely hearts club band we hope you did enjoy the show Sergeant Pepper's lonely, Sergeant"
  • Girl (beatles cover) - Serj Tankian
    "Is there anybody going to listen to my story All about the girl who came to stay? Shes the kind of girl you want so much It makes you sorry Still you dont regret a single day Ah girl! girl! girl! When"
  • Love Is The Thing You Need - The Jacksons
    "(Love is the thing you need) Ooh, I know a fortune teller A very freaky fella How 'bout you like me to tell ya (Love is the thing you need) Let me say now A family physician Gave me a prescription For"

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