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  • Soon Soon Soon - Kevin Ayers
    "What do you know about nothing people? You sell yourself so you can buy more What do you care about bluffing people? Does it make you want to try more? We know what you mean We know what you've seen"
  • Rheinhardt & Geraldine - Kevin Ayers
    "There's nothing new around the sun Everything you think of has been done; All been done before your time; Sometime or another By someone and his brother, yeah... From the poison comes the flower Butterfly"
  • Lunatic's Lament - Kevin Ayers
    "Rock and roll !! rrrrrrrrrr!! I'm here lying on my bed Just trying to hold on to my head But if you came in through the door You'll find me crawling on the floor Just looking for the things you threw"
  • Old Man Kensey - R.E.M.
    "(Ayers/Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe) Old Man Kensey wants to be a sign painter First he's got to learn to read He's gonna be a clown on TV Flexes his elbow taunt and free That's my folly, I believe Drink up"
  • Soul Plan - Lord Finesse
    "(feat. Roy Ayers) God bless the child that can hold his own Against the man with the plan who got the whole spot sewn The type that's known to set the tone Just pass the microphone, I have the whole spot"
  • Take a look - Guru
    "featuring Roy Ayers(at Yourself)"A lot of people don't realize that.. the reason why I'm talkin is.. I'm tired of most" And I'm tired of suckers always complain about your situation cause you frontin"
  • Oh What A Night - Gerald Levert
    "(feat. Roy Ayers) Oh babe Tell me you don't have to go Tell me you can stay That you'll do it another night Another night, you see I never thought that you Could do the things you do To make my nature"
  • Chorus Line Pt. 2 - Ultramagnetic Mcs
    "Can you funk with it? (3X) Rappers wanna step on the X, then go to shit I got the mic in my hand and well equipped Usin my style for a firm set of action MC's beware, the club windows I'm bashin Throwin"
  • Nuevos Planes, Id - Nacho Vegas
    "Parece ser que va a llover, el aire hoy es ms clido, me dijo una mujer de aspecto amable y peinado imposible esta maana en el ascensor. Por qu nadie me iba a mentir all? Tal revelación me impidió dormir."
  • Jak wczoraj - Okoliczny Element
    "Wstałem z wyra i pomyślałem nie chce mi się tyrać Razem ze mną na K trzy literowy wyraz Wczoraj trzy litrowy baniak, w sumie to mnie trzyma baniak Kac przyjdzie z czasem, tymczasem zaraz mam pracę Wymyć"

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