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Baez Joan - The Dream Song

  • In The Quiet Morning (2:58) (For Janis Joplin) (Mi - Baez Joan
    "Baez Joan Come From The Shadows In The Quiet Morning (2:58) (For Janis Joplin) (Mi In the quiet morning There was much despair And in the hours that followed No one could repair That poor girl Tossed"
  • The Dream Is Gone - Dream Street
    "Hey, I just gotta say Yeah yeah......Just tell me... Why did you have to lie? Can you hold your head up high? After all this time I'm not your fallback guy You didn't wanna 'Play' Baby, I won't take"
  • The Dream - John & Audrey Wiggins
    "(Harley Allen/Clive Westlake) The plan I never had a lot but I had plans They took me down the road to where I am I know now I'd do it all again The dream was always just a step ahead of me Too far to"
  • The Dream - Time Tells All
    "Catching kisses all over the place I'm cynical and paranoid You've got a voice but I've got words in a song I'm not the first one to make the move Don't love the player, love the game How can I move to"
  • Coat Check Dream Song - Bright Eyes
    "Shrill as a choir of children Urgent like the first day of May False and inflatable feeling Tugs at my senses, big as the Macy's Parade One brick on top of another Such is the measure of man Planets are"
  • Joan Of Arc - Low
    "Joan of Arc Will never save you now But then Joan of Arc Never promised much She never knew your name, love She never knew your name O-oh Such a precious hand Such a guilty hand O-oh Joan of Arc Will"
  • James The Gang - Joan Baez
    "Can you find another star to dream on The summer's coming to an end Say goodbye to all your wandering friends And lovers, casual confidants Who shared your dreams When you were sixteen And you walked on"
  • I still dream about you - Joan Jett
    "Sitting on the edge of the bed I recall how you can send me to heaven You never deny me in the middle of the night My desires from morn to eleven Whenever I ask there's never a task For someone as wild"
  • The 33rd Of August - Joan Baez
    "Today, there's no salvation, the band's packed up and gone Left me standing with my penny in my hand there's a big crowd at the station where the blind man sings his song But he can see what they cant"
  • In The Quiet Morning - Joan Baez
    "In the quiet morning There was much despair And in the hours that followed No one could repair That poor girl Tossed by the tides of misfortune Barely here to tell her tale Rolled in on a sea of disaster Rolled"

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