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Baybe baybe baybe ohhh baybe

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Baybe baybe baybe ohhh baybe
  • Adre'N'Alin Meth
    "I'm suffering the seizure beg for more and every pound I spent on your life just came and what? it's too great to persevere and you decided to cross the line ohhh this time was good I'm starving without"
  • Lady Antebellum Downtown
    "Well, all the parties on the streets are talking, store front mannequins sleeping in lights. We used to smoke while we were jaywalking like it was your birthday every other saturday night. Knew The bands"
  • Michał Wiśniewski Summer Wine (ft. Hania Hołek)
    "Strawberries cherries and an angel's kiss in spring My summer wine is really made from all these things I walked in town on silver spurs that jingled to A song that I had only sang to just a few She saw"
  • Russian Red John Michael
    "This is hidden love Something that we used to play Running up and down the stairs Kisses down the porch How do we spoke? Settled all the basic terms And figured out the limit age For this love to stop O"
  • Demi Lovato In Case
    "Ohhh Pictures in my pocket Are faded from the washer I can barely just make out your face Food you saved for later In my refrigerator Its been too long since later never came I know One day eventually Yeah"
  • TLF Criminel (ft. Indila)
    "refrain x2 indila : criminel ye pano ninade criminel otchina vanihi criminel aketche lo lone criminel ah criminel tlf : eh monte a bord du tlf airline rentre dans le cockpit on t'sert un gros flow haute"
  • Zaga Rehn Diamonds
    "Shin' bright like a diamond Shin' bright like a diamond Find light in the beautiful sea I choose to be happy You and I, you and I We’re like diamonds in the sky You’re a shooting star I see A vision"
  • Bo Saris She's On Fire
    "Here I am, I'm just a man, I like to tell you something, I don't understand, Oh there's something out there, That I've never ever seen, The most delicate creature, She will be the queen of the streets, A"
  • Boyce Avenue We Can't Stop (ft. Bea Miller)
    "Red cups and sweaty bodies everywhere. Hands in the air like we don't care. 'Cause we came to have so much fun now. Got somebody here, might be the one now... If you're not ready to go home, can I get"
  • Rizzle Kicks Happy That You're Here (Christmas Song)
    "I don't care about the presents, no no no I don't care about the tree, yeah yeah yeah See it's different now we're grown-ups, oh oh ohhh Christmas dinner isn't free, um hm hmmm And the adverts come to"

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