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Beatifull madness

  • Silent Madness - Autumn
    "Flickering flames, My luscious soul divest The bitter kisses In a deep astral caress Lost in rapture, enigmas revealed On the edge where reason fades A martyr of spheres That take me out of sight A silent"
  • Midnite Madness - Kool Keith
    "Step to the altar as a sacrificial lamb When you enter 12 o'clock, on the dot, bet he drops in the center of a star sided circle pentagram, it's official Worse than Heaven's Gate baby, massive family"
  • This Madness - Stavesacre
    "What was his name? What did he drag you through? What did he say? What did he do to you? Do you believe (Do you believe) He somehow had it coming What made you think (What were you thinking) You were"
  • Beautiful Madness - Bell X1
    "Give me an opinion 'Cos I don't have one I'll agree with you if you're right I always know where you're coming from But I've never been there I have to steal from you when you write Your beautiful"
  • Winter Madness - Wintersun
    "Divine creations now destroyed to uncover the haunted atmosphere Strange visions of the ancient spirits, travesty of man appears Coldness and the storming winds lurking for prey The forces of the Winter"
  • Madness Prevails - Vomitory
    "Music: T Gustafsson Lyrics: Rundqvist Day of judgment approach No return from a death prophesy Bloodshed in the name of God Spiritual holocaust feeds them With an unstoppable appetite Isolated souls deceived"
  • Sexual madness - E-Rotic
    "Oh uh oh uh oh, it's sexual madness. Oh uh oh uh oh, it makes me helpless. Oh uh oh uh oh, I feel it, baby Oh uh oh uh oh, I need it, baby, blue When I touch your body, in the city of dreams. The lights"
  • Mellow Madness - Paris
    "(Paris) As I flow, into the rhyme much smoother I keep the pace and add bass for you to be able to experience the strength of GOD On your tape with a break that I make to part the weak-kneed hippie MC's"
  • It's Madness - Marvin Gaye
    "World, I'm not the same. I can't remember my name half the time. I took a walk - I thought I'd get some air - but was really not aware of what I said or what I did. I never see the dark of night or the"
  • Midnight Madness - Sinergy
    "Fullmoon staring at me tonight time to feed my evil appetite live or die at the strike of midnight the choice is yours, but you're running out of time I have the touch everybody fears my skin is poison"

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