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Better stronger

  • Stronger - Dido
    ""Play Dead" A moth into a butterfly And a lie Into the sweetest truth I'm so afraid of life I try To call your name but I'm Silenced by the fear of dying in your heart once again I see the seasons changing And"
  • Stronger - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (T.E.E.D.)
    "Come and dance beside me, let you go Try and stop me telling all these lies Trouble with the only thing I know I can see the games are lost in your eyes Now you got me messed up please believe me Looks"
  • Love Is Stronger Than Justice - Sting
    "This is a story of seven brothers We had the same father but different mothers We keep together like a family should Roaming the country for the common good It came to pass one faithful day We found ourselves"
  • You Only Make Us Stronger - Your Demise
    "Motherfuckers try and mess with us Before seeing what we're all about Think you'd better open up your eyes Before opening up your mouth Bet you've never seen Your Demise Bet you're spreading the shit Well"
  • Stronger, much stronger - Orbita Wiru
    "You recognize between the crowd the man, who can't find his own place. Where could he sit down on mystic throne, and it would stop incredible pain. Remember his sight, lost and insane, freakish step, stench"
  • Stronger Than You Think I Am - Rachel Ferguson
    "I can feel my heart beat through my chest And I tell myself its for the best As I pack my things into my car Dont know where Im going but I know its far Because honey, Ive had enough of you And everything"
  • Better Man - Warren Brothers
    "I saw some old friends the other day And all they could talk about was how I've changed They thought I'd be the last one to ever settle down They can't believe I'm flyin' so high with both feet on the"
  • Better Times - Status Quo
    "Well I feel so good And I feel so sure I walk the town And it brings me down But I won't give up And I won't turn back Oh, I'll hang around 'Til a way is found Then it's gonna be fine, fine, fine If"
  • Get better - Sandy
    "All my love is up to you Got no reason to go through Baby you know you make me blue But I wanna get better Get better I don't mind if you say no Darling let your spirit go If you just try to watch our"
  • Better Half - Sarah Connor
    "Been waiting for you the longest time But I was too shy to speak my mind I get these shivers down my spine Everytime you smile or you pass me by I'm watching you, you're checking me I think I'm falling"

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