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Black Label Society - My Dying Time

  • Anything - Black Label Society
    "It could have been anyone could have been a woman or a man. must have swept her away made her forget who i am. it could have been anyone could have slipped me a drug. must have been a permanent dose to"
  • Thin white lie - Black Label Society
    "You get me high one last time. one more second to let you save my life. 'cause i don't need it anymore. but o my darling, here we go. you get me high in that long white summer dress. take it off outside"
  • See The Sun - Black Label Society
    "If I feel this feeling If I let myself go deep again Will you stay by my side, yeah Cuz if I feel this feeling Things will never be the same again If planets collide I won't mind I'll be fine I can't"
  • The Blessed Hellride - Black Label Society
    "The Blessed Hellride break me down and roll me once again got no time to think of now and then catch my breath pick myself up off the floor one more drink, a nervous breakdown, then another war oh,"
  • No More Tears - Black Label Society
    "The light in the window is a crack in the sky A stairway to darkness in the blink of an eye A levee of tears to learn she'll never be coming back The man in the dark will bring another attack Your momma"
  • I Never Dreamed - Black Label Society
    "My father told me always be strong son Don't you ever cry You find the pretty girls and then you love them Then you say goodbye I never dreamed that you would leave me But now you're gone, gone, gone I"
  • Refuse To Bow Down - Black Label Society
    ""Women are born with a very dark side That men do not understand And they don't understand And Women need to be loved The way Adam shoulda loved Eve Women have a certain weakness And a certain unholyiness"
  • Counterfeit God - Black Label Society
    "(God no, God no) (God no, God no) (God no, God no) (God no, God no) Can't you see I feel your pain? I got jesus running thourhg my veins. In this hopeless life that's turned on your. Give yourself to"
  • Major Label Debut - Broken Social Scene
    "I'm just coming here to come down I could be here, I could move town Put my suits right on the guest list Saw my pa's boy, became weightless And I'm all hooked up And I'm all hooked up And I'm all hooked"
  • Major label debut - Feist
    "I'm just coming here to come downI could be thisI could move townPut masseuse right on the guest listSaw my pause boyBecame weightlessAnd I'm all hooked upI'm all hooked upI'm all hooked upI'm all hooked"

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