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Bliźniaczki olsen

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Bliźniaczki olsen
  • Olsen Twins Practice, practice, practice
    "How does a prima graduate from ballerinaI'll give you a little clueTo be in a world-class ballet companyThere's one thing that you must love to doChorus:Practice, practice, practiceIf at first you don't"
  • Olsen Twins Pullin' an all nighter
    "Long as there's pizza and soda pop,We'll keep playing games and never stop.Stick in a fresh CD and crank it up.Let's stay awake until the sun comes up.We're all still going strong, nobody's faded.We always"
  • Olsen Twins Raptor in the woods
    "Did you hear that did you hear it?Yikes! I think it's over there.It's a monster. It's the wind.Does the wind have lots of hair?Can a dinosaur be hairy?Stop! We'll never get some sleep.It's the wind, there's"
  • Olsen Twins Rockin' around
    "Mary-Kate & Ashley: Let's rock!Rockin' around the Christmas treeAt the Christmas party hopMistletoe hung where you can seeEvery couple try to stopRockin' around the Christmas treeLet the Christmas spirit"
  • Olsen Twins Gimme the life of a pirate
    "What if we could get to be. Part of a pirate crew?Shiver me timber, ready about.Pack me lunch, we're shipping out.With as scurvy a bucket of scupper scum.As ever got blown to kingdom com.You mean us? You."
  • Olsen Twins Give us a mystery
    "Who stole the great Hope Diamond?What killed the Dinosaurs?Who makes the finest pizza?What's in your brother's dresser drawers?Mysteries of life,screaming to be solved.Here we stand in our trenchcoats,Dying"
  • Olsen Twins Giving is getting
    "There's a lot to like about Christmas,like spending time with friends.Baking things and trimming trees,and getting lots of presents.But the best thing about Christmas,is the feeling that you get,when you"
  • Olsen Twins Goin' super fast
    "Gliding down the hillside out among the evergreens.Starting real slow with a snowplow.Soon we'll be...We'll be breaking from the gate and racing down the diamondrun.Kicking up the powder and the day has"
  • Olsen Twins Sand sand glorious sand
    "You can't go skiing if you haven't got snow.You will get nowhere real fast.And golf as a sport is useless of course,If there just wasn't grass.And dirt can be lovely and rocks can be fun.But you don't"
  • Olsen Twins Santa knows where you are
    "If you go away for the holidays,Santa can track you down.If you visiting grandma in Alabama,He'll know you're out of town.In a far off place, he'll be on your case.With a dog or toy guitar.Cause the guy"

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