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Bomfunk MCs Crack it

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Bomfunk MCs Crack it
  • Notorious B.I.G. Ten crack commandments
    "(Chuck D) "One two three four five six seven eight nine" Uhh, it's the ten crack commandments What, uhh, uhh Nigga can't tell me nothin bout this coke, uh-huh Can't tell me nothin bout this crack, this"
  • Psychopathic Rydas Back 2 Crack
    "I, I tried momma I tried You lookin at me check yourself lil' bitch Mad at the rydas cause we all rich and shit Think about what you used to have And what you don't have now Trying to hate on me with a"
  • Eminem Jimmy Crack Corn
    "(feat. 50 Cent) Jimmy can crack corn, but I don't care My enemies crack corn, but I don't care You can be black, white or a albino yeah You can have corn rows inside your hair I give a fuck if I don't"
  • Eminem Crack A Bottle
    "Ooww Ladies and gentlemenThe moment you've all been waiting for ..In this corner : weighing 175 pounds,with a record of 17 rapes, 400 assaults, and 4 murders,the undisputed, most diabolic villain in the"
  • Private Line Crack in Reality
    "What the hell I'm doing? Don't ask the reason why I waste my time from nine to five The dirt is deep inside, but my feet are clean I need a brand new start to find out Where I'll find someone who believes"
  • Bloodhound Gang Pacman On Crack
    "We gonna drop this next bomb for a money makin' playa that ain't with us no mo. Yeah, Notorious B.I.G. Hell no, we gonna do this for a gangbanging thug that never seen it comin'. Yeah, Tupac Shakur. Nah"
  • Juelz Santana I Am Crack
    "W-what is this, this sound like some graveyard s*** well that's what the f*** they gon need cause I'mma bury these niggas this time around Who better than me, you better than me S*** you never will"
  • Poison Crack A Smile
    "(here it comes) Well funky monkey's in the jungle tonight They got two by two don't hear me right Band playing loudly baby Gone are the days when the days gone I said gone When the monkeys are gone Gone"
  • Mastodon Crack the Skye
    "Blessed visionary cut me with your sun The rivers ran in blood Spark fueled to fire Deep withing the endless void Searching for a sign The vessel forged inside me Watches over like the death Of the moon Strike"
  • The Spinto Band Crack The Whip
    "I'm nervous when I'm near you as If I am falling in I'm in love with someone else And it doesn't really matter if she can't speak all that well If she wont talk I don't care Cause I don't wanna break"

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