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Bon scot

  • Qu'il Fait Bon Vivre - Les compagnons de la chanson
    "Qu'il fait bon vivre Quand on revient chez soi Que l'on revoit le toit O vous attend la joie La joie de vivre Les amis d'autrefois Bonjour, me revoil Sur les chemins de par le monde J'ai navigu longtemps Avant"
  • Bon Appétit (ft. Migos) - Katy Perry
    "Cause I’m all the you want, boy All the you can have, boy Got me spread like a buffet Bon Appétit, baby Appetite for seduction Fresh out the oven Melt in your mouth kinda of loving Bon Appétit, baby Looks"
  • Adieu To Bon County - Unknown Artist
    "ADIEU TO BON COUNTY lt's a great separation my friends they have caused me, By bearing their spite that my favor was won; lt's a great separation, likewise a vexation, And they shall be sorry for what"
  • Koi Wa Push Bon - Miyavi
    "koi wa PUSH BON (note) "suki daaaa o!" koi wa moumoku to iu keredo, WATAKUSHI hanakara mae shika miemasenu. chototsumoushin aru no misa, yuuou moushin yuku dake sa. "PUSH! PUSH! PUSH!" koi wa atatte"
  • Bon Voyage Mr. Bones - The Scenic
    "Mr. Bones I fear we're lost at sea I haven't seen land in like two weeks I guess we'll drift on for awhile Raging seas Rock this raft from underneath The sharks seem hungrier than me So it seems Oh no Oh"
  • C'est La Bon Rue - Gene Clark
    "Too many people in the world today Find it so easy, they can hide away There's too much inside you to throw it away Don't come running 'less you've got something to say Can you read Can you write Can"
  • Come Back Bon Jovi - New Found Glory
    "Tell me whatever happened to the radio? Do they still play the songs you wanna hear on the stereo? Do you still like the bands you liked a year ago? Would you still like me if we wouldn't be on the radio Like"
  • Suck My Bon Jovi - Normal Like You
    "Love, Oh, we don't need it baby Love, Oh, we don't need it baby Right hand The introduction began I said, 'Baby you are my disease.' And she said, 'No chance, I'm not lookin' for romance. Disease, huh?"
  • Bon baisers de Paris - Najoua Belyzel
    "La capitale Me fait du mal! Elle samuse me voir souffrir... Elle memprisonne, Puis mempoisonne... Me joue des tours pour qujaie le spleen! Prive dhorizon, Je perds la raison Et tout les rves qui me guident."
  • Exile (featuring Bon Iver) - Taylor Swift
    "I can see you standing honey with his arms around your body Laughing but the joke’s not funny at all And it took you 5 whole minutes To pack us up and leave me with it Holding all this love out here in"

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