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Bsrely gohost loft

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Bsrely gohost loft
  • Dagsland Sigvart Elsker Du Meg?
    "(T: Gunnar Roalkvam, M: Sigvart Dagsland) Eg skar inn ord i barken med kniv: Eg elske deg og det e sant Du skreiv det sama p papir men du brukte blyant for d konne du viska det ud Eg sa det bde ude og"
  • Look What I Did Unwrite The Old Songs
    "verseone i want to write a lyric that i won't regret in the morning i'm tired of building ivory castles to just find out they're made of chalk and maybe not wall it in with the vulgar because that's such"
  • Kernaghan Tania Back Of The Barn
    "There's a bedford on blacks and an old dirt floor Hay in the loft and a creck in the door When you're getting up to mischief down on the farm It's all gonna happen in the back on the barn Saw my brother"
  • Pete Doherty Broken Love Song
    "Take a broken love song Keep it by your side Never be lonely Find a place to hide By the west way Inside the scrubs How long must we wait? For they're killing us? Killing us Oh They are the loneliest They"
  • Jann Arden Best Dress
    "drinking whiskey from an open toed shoe farm hand and an evening glove puttin?on a kiss that will last until dawn i going to town with my best dress on bare buttin?on an apple crate bench do my face"
  • Bright Eyes Cleanse Song
    "Hear the chimes, did you know that the wind when it blows It is older than Rome and all of this sorrow See the new pyramids down in old Manhattan From the roof of a friend's I watched an empire ending Heard"
  • Bloc Party Trojan Horse
    "You used to take your watch off before we made love You didnt want to share our time with anyone You used to close your eyes when we kissed goodbye You didnt want to see me draped in sadness And now theres"
  • Spydr Pretty
    "So I was thinking how great it must be To wake up and know you don't look like me I was thinking how if the stars went by Do the kids think you're easy on the eyes? I was thinking I shouldn't think so"
  • Sine Macula Joey
    "(Dedicated to all those who have suffered in silence) A small diary found in a forgotten loft Faded witness of distant times Pale writing...of a dead boy Wasted shots of a remote reality They breed ravaging"
  • Nephew Sway
    "Bunder en carls i en lift igen Bunder det mon i et skift igen Ender det op p mit loft igen Ender det op med at vr groft igen Bunder en thor som en handyman Binder p rmerne hvad jeg kan Hnder jeg blander"

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