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Champagne Kisses

  • Champagne Problems - Katy Perry
    "I wanna see you soon as i Wipe the crust form my eyes Till the deat i die Could you be the love of my life I am a soldier for you baby I earned all my stripes Make ups to breakups Times we couldn’ve"
  • champagne problems - Taylor Swift
    "You booked the noght train For a reason So you could sit there In this hurt Bustling crowsa Or silent sleepers You’re not sure Which is worse* * lyric wideo"
  • Swimming In Champagne - Eric Heatherly
    "Santa Monica Sunset, Bekonates The Sky Rose coloured twilight, the twinkle in here eyes as we touch, the heavens light up. and we both know, we are drying love... it feels like.... Swimming In Champagne"
  • Kisses Back - Matthew Koma
    "I want my kisses back from you I'm takin' all my kisses back from you And every breath you held on to I'm takin' all my kisses back from you Give me the hellos and goodbyes And pack up every morning and"
  • Champagne Cowboy Blues - Kevin Ayers
    "Champagne Cowboy Blues. By Kevin Ayers. Champagne, Getting high again, Makes me think of you, Sunshine and this crazy wine, There is loving too, I don't care how or why. One thing that I think I've"
  • No Champagne Socialist - Arkells
    "Let the record show It's 1964, in the city of New York And take the train to Queens And meet a Jewish family He's the youngest one of three And his brothers have left home And he's on the same road Just"
  • Sweet kisses - Squeezer
    "I want your sweet kissesI like your sweet kisses oh oh oh oh Squeezer pretty baby you drive me crazyevery single dayI love your sweet sweet kissesSweet it's all I want from youI need your sweet sweet kissesKisses"
  • Champagne And Wine - Otis Redding
    "Sitting here thinking, about the times I've roamed Different girls that I have known Of all girls that I have met You are the one girl that I can't forget, listen We had our time, now Good and bad, now I"
  • Passionate Kisses - Lucinda Williams
    "Is it too much to ask? I want a comfortable bed that won't hurt my back Food to fill me up And warm clothes and all that stuff Shouldn't I have this, Shouldn't I have this? Shouldn't I have all of this,"
  • Passionate Kisses - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "(Lucinda Williams) Is it too much to ask I want a comfortable bed that won't hurt my back Food to fill me up And warm clothes and all that stuff Shouldn't I have this Shouldn't I have this Shouldn't I"

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