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Chrostmast Mariah carey

  • Make it hapen - Mariah Carey
    "Not more than three short years agoI was abandoned and aloneWithout a penny to my nameSo very young and so afraidNo proper shoes upon my feetSometimes I couldn't even eatI often cried myself to sleepBut"
  • Makin' it last all night - Mariah Carey
    "(What It Do) Visions of us in the club tonight And I find you so appealing Definitely feeling you If you didnt know Boy youre the secret Ive never told Betcha think Im teasin' But I aint got no reason"
  • Miss you most - Mariah Carey
    "The fire is burningThe room's all aglowOutside the December wind blowsAway in the distance the carolers sing in the snowEverybody's laughingThe world is celebratingAnd everyone's so happyExcept for me"
  • O.O.C. - Mariah Carey
    "Forever and everForever and everForever and everForever and everIt's foreverIt's foreverIt's foreverIt's foreverBaby, no matter how long it beWe never lose that chemistryAnd it's the strongest thingI've"
  • Ones - Mariah Carey
    "Whitney:Many nights we prayWith no proof anyone could hearAnd our hearts a hopeful songWe barely understandNow we are not afraidAlthough we know there's much to fearWe were moving mountains longBefore"
  • A natural woman - Mariah Carey
    "Looking out on the morning rain I used to feel uninspired And when I knew I had to face another day Lord, it made me feel so tired Before the day I met you, life was so unkind But your love was the key"
  • All alone in love - Mariah Carey
    "Chorus: Swept me awayBut now I'm lost in the darkSet me on fireBut now I'm left with a sparkAlone, you got beyond the haze andI'm lost inside the mazeI guess I'm all alone in loveI look into your eyesYou"
  • And you don' t remember - Mariah Carey
    "Shattered dreams Cut through my mind Tragically our love has died Memories confine my head Bitterly I face the end Trustingly I gave my soul to you I let you inside Believing your lies And you don't remember"
  • Baby doll - Mariah Carey
    "It's 2:11 and im stressinWatchin tv in my hotel suiteI check my cell phone every secondBut you still hadn't called me{no no no no}So imma leave my cell phone turned on in my purse by the bedAnd before"
  • Bringing on the heartbreak - Mariah Carey
    "Gypsy, sittin lookin prettyA broken rose and laughin' eyesYou're a mysteryAlways runnin' wildLike a child without a homeYou're always searchin'Searchin for a feelin'But it's easy come and easy goOhI'm"

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