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Effice 65

  • Leftfielder - Buck 65
    "Leftfielder, living in a suitcase Comfortable shoes, photo album and toothpaste Road atlas, learning my way around Kissing the pavement, lucky cause I may have drowned Hotel notepad, three pens for five"
  • Wicked And Weird - Buck 65
    "Driving with a yellow dog, I95 He's got a smile on his face and big shiny eyes Up at a decent hour, never ate yet Got a little Johnny Cash in the ol' tape deck Nothing in the trunk but some base ball gloves A"
  • Protest - Buck 65
    "The sun is shining on full blast, it's garbage day Air in my tires and all my cares are far away I'm looking like a million bucks, feeling good and sort of frisky Plus enough money in my pocket for a quart"
  • Exes - Buck 65
    "She had exes on her eyes, she was only good for one thing It was over before it started, sooner than some think She had a nose for trouble and all things illegal She came with heavy baggage and a stupid"
  • 50 Gallon Drum - Buck 65
    "My idea of heaven, I enjoy the fixing of a flat tire I like art made of garbage, a little pain is good for you I don't want everything to be made easy for me Fast ain't always better than slow you know A"
  • 463 - Buck 65
    "I don't know what's wrong with the youth of today Wondering lost, it's true what they say And who is to blame, TV and magazines They would have you believe that everyday is Halloween Why, when I was a"
  • Tired Out - Buck 65
    "When I cheated on sarah I couldnt bring my self to speak I couldnt sleep I couldnt conentrate I was weak I was strangled by guilt My heart with glass balls stone in my throat I acted like an asshole Sick"
  • Craftsmanship - Buck 65
    "Most folks spend their days daydreaming or finding clues My whole life I've been here at the train station shining shoes I started when I was nine, on my own and taught myself No complaints, I'm doing"
  • Riverbed 7 - Buck 65
    "Here on the water no harm could come to me But a revolver was left on my table by somebody Just in case they said nonchalantly Which was fine at the time but now the words haunt me Sitting there loaded,"
  • Phil (Square One) - Buck 65
    "20 some years is a long walk, even if it's not in a straight line You see a lot of things in a distance, you know what they say about great minds You and I think about the same things, dream the same dreams,"

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