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Electrafixion Timebomb

  • Bomb factory - UK Subs
    "There's a bomb in London There's a bomb in Belfast There's a bomb in Berlin There's a bomb in Paris And it's burning down your world There's a bomb in New York There's a bomb in Hong Kong There's a bomb"
  • Maybe You're The Problem - Ava Max
    "Always say you love me but you Always make it all about you Especially when you’ve had a few, oh yeah All the things I heard from your ex Now they make a whole lot of sense Already feel bad for your next That"
  • You're No Good - KMFDM
    "Deceitful unforgiving Whoever the hell you think I am Bring me to my knees Let me be myself again Forgive, forget Hold it against me in contempt Drowning me in tears Bitter salt that knows no fear I'm"
  • Calling Out For Love - Marshall Crenshaw
    "(m. crenshaw, d. dixon) She was kicking down the fence trying to hide the evidence That would give her game away But everything was as clear as day I knew she had no more to give, she hated everything"
  • Straightjacket Hell - Psychopunch
    "When the daylight turns to gray I can't open up my eyes, can't move my legs Such an awful place to dwell All the walls are painted white can't live to tell They feel so sorry for my fucked up sorry"
  • 20 Something - NOFX
    "My generation no direction, my generation no opinion. My generation in a soundbite, my generation isn't quite right. And generation X will rise up from the ashes of its own mistakes. And we will find our"
  • Listen Morons - Dirt
    "So this is Great Britain with its wealth and education and two thousand troops permanently stationed in a country so far away that its out of sight. That you don't feel the fear and you don't live the"
  • Who Didn't Kill Bambi? - Dillinger
    "You know your eyes say it's dead inside of you Just an empty shell and faded tattoos And everything's just a memory And everyday's just the passing of time You used to be a timebomb Did you notice when"
  • Perfect Place - Virus Nine
    "Ten million killed from criminals! Ten million killed from war! Ten million forced to live in fear! And they'll send ten million more! Well, it's so hard to believe that we ever had a chance The world"
  • I Can't Sleep Without You - Golden Earring
    "From the Albums: * The naked truth * Last blast of the century Silver like a fish slappin' on my tongue Speak to me the way you do Hide me all summer in your arms Hold me the way I like you to You fill"

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