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  • Hand Of Providence - Michael W. Smith
    "Providence, Providence See it laying down the cornerstone The Hand of Providence, it's evident For we could never make it on our own Apportioning the power Weighing all that it entails Giving us the fulcrum And"
  • Righteous Vigilante - Pistol Grip
    "Let them in the gig without a second look at them Their beliefs are evident but you turn your back to them Give a look to us like we're what's wrong with you but we're the soldiers in the night the righteous"
  • Black Circle - Seven
    "Hear the needle touch Joy fills my heart when the Black circle starts to spin See how proud it stands An old faded cover tells Stories from glorious days Hear the circle sing The genuine sound Bring back"
  • Mannequin Republic - At The Drive-In
    "They'd call it a wasteland auslander plates you know its armor was human drove stakes into the main camps eyesockets sank into the back of its head again this frequency was jet lagged yes the wrinkles"
  • Pernicious dyseptic inoculation - Haemorrhage
    "Virulent contamination injected in your veins Sympthomatology is evident Mordicant contagion of the sanguineous cruor Pathogenesis out break Arthritic members swell as your body shivers Semiparalized by"
  • End Over - Halfwayhome
    "My compliments are wearing thin, This competition never seems to end with subtlety, I'll deploy my plea For wondrous scenes of you and me So realize that this disguise will break you inside This is"
  • Darkness Of Christ - Slayer
    "Mankind in his insatiable search for divine Knowledge has discarded all biblical teachings Realizing that the strength of religion is the repression of knowledge All structures of religion have collapsed Life"
  • July - Papa Roach
    "as i look at the picture of jacoby smoking broccoli props to refer props to bible prophecies it's clearly evident relationship is permanent burn the fucking picutres so my mind can be the evidence i've"
  • Birthday - J Church
    "I thought it was your turn to feel alone, But I knew I was wrong when I hung up the phone, You've got Mom?s eyes and so do I, Evident in every tone So I write another letter, But it all adds up to nothing,"
  • Musigns - Sixpence None the Richer
    "Mysteries unfolding quickly before my eyes In a way I saw the world in one night Without even leaving without even leaving the room Golden cymbals catching light The flowing veils of dancers in the night Put"

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