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  • Forever - Sugababes
    "Sometimes I feel I wanna fly away With you my darling I just wanna stay With you I look forward to better days To be forever with you I'm looking out upon a summers day I pray to God it will remain this"
  • Forever - The Charlatans
    "Forever you're my foundation I know I can keep Told I was good for nothing Branded a cheat Now I know why you listen I can help you anytime Love is all there is I wonder what people do with our lives Hey Oh!"
  • Forever - The Beach Boys
    "If every word I said Could make you laugh I'd talk forever (together my love) I ask the sky just what we had Mmm It shone forever (together my love my my my my my my my my my my my my my) If the song I"
  • Forever - Ashanti
    "I'm all alone in bed, and I can't sleep, I'm feeling blue. I try to close my eyes, but all I'm thinking off is You! Baby only you! I cry my eyes out, baby. Wondering what I have to do. I look inside"
  • Forever - Taylor Dayne
    "Im all alone in bed i cant sleep, im feeling blue I try to close my eyes but all im thinking of is you Baby only you I cry my eyes out baby wondering what i have to do I look inside my heart And know for"
  • Forever - Sandra
    "I will remember your first kiss Forever Forever You're my shining star, my bliss Forever Together They must have sent you from heaven And I feel we're the ones - you and me I walk the desert to be with"
  • Forever - Chicago
    "Every day it seems we hear the same old story. Every day there's lovers giving up on love. People say it's just a fact of modern living. All around us, people fall in love and marry. Then we hear they're"
  • Forever - Olga Przybysz
    "Here I am all alone getting to know you getting to know you empty hands at the break autumn lying before you whatever you do whatever you say it’s over one lie on love forever whatever you are whatever"
  • Forever - Edison Glass
    "When Im with you I find myself, I seem to lose him somewhere else. What is it about you that makes me see? You never expected perfection, All you want is my affection. What is it about you that makes"
  • Forever - Melanie Thornton
    "Written by Mitchell Lennox & Julien Nairolf Chorus Cause I'm with you everyday, everytime, everyway Forever, forever You're the strongest in my life you're my day and my night Forever, forever I can read"

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