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Greta Van Fleet - Highway Tune

  • In Tune - Seals and Crofts
    "(lyrics and music by James Seals, 1969) From the albums SEALS AND CROFTS (1969) and SEALS AND CROFTS I AND II (1974). The sweat of my mind tells myself that I should worry. Me, I tell myself that I am"
  • This Tune - Television
    "(Verlaine) She bought a wig It was all scrunched up Then she put it right on my shoe. You're a crocodile, That's what you are, With a crooked smile That I like so much, You know I just can't think No"
  • Rebel Tune - Gun Barrel
    "(G. Feldhausen) Will you remember the age of the kings When warriors crossed the land We stand by your side to fight for your right Born with a blade in your hand We will follow your call We will come"
  • Favorite Tune - The Swellers
    "I used to spit more than I sold. I'm glad I helped you out. I'm waiting for another sign from god or a speaker of mine. Every time I broke down I said there's too many drugs at the hospital. Never let"
  • Tune In - 311
    "You're a power spot rotating Everchanging Transmitting like a radio wave Frequently feeling What's goin' on Times are weird all this static Things erratic Seems like we lost the magic See hear how clear Is"
  • Tune In - Bounty Killer
    "F/ Sugar Minott Intro : Bounty This is more than a rhyme, this is a crime Come to dis my sound yuh on the wrong line Sugar Minott longside the might Bounty Killer Maxfield inna no long talking CHO Sugar"
  • Tune In - Shannon Noll
    "Out of work, out of place and out of love Even the sun has gone down I've been searching I've been looking all around Cos I was lost but now finally I'm found Tune in on tomorrow Leave my worries"
  • Tune Out - Format
    "Its your bed, so please choose a side ill take the one closest to the door and you start to speak the words that try to Justify do far more wrong then anything you do so grab the coat, the keys, the tension"
  • In Tune - Averi
    "Remember 3am? Dancing in your living room With some candles and the moon? I was slightly drunk and we were both high Dancing in tune. Would I be along in assuming that we two, Will never be where we were"
  • Boom Tune - Babycham
    "well, a true wi clean and wi nuh mean wi si di Fassy dem a frien wi Tell dem seh wi have wi owna crew dem fi defen wi Bless and dem a stress wi si dem well want fi blend wi Boom Tune a blow dem mind"

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