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Hair - Aquarius

  • Spikey Hair - Vice Squad
    "I love your spikey hair, I love it when they stab, I laugh as we do as we dare, I'll string you up by your ankles I want to tie you up and whip you, 'cause you're my dream come true Wrap you in my latex,"
  • My Hair - Skankin' Pickle
    "Set my alarm, to wake me at eleven, the sun was shining in my face when I awoken. My mom yelled at me that my friend was here at seven, I just rolled over, prayed that I was dreaming. I knew I wasn't"
  • Splitting Hair - Subb
    "Stay...a bit longer It'll make things easier Stay... a bit longer Come on now pretty girl I'm going out of my way, so things will turn out right Here i am splitting hair to know that you're ok Never"
  • Red Hair - The Incredible String Band
    "stepping out of the grey day she came her red hair falling like the sky love held them there in that moment with the whole world passing by he could look through all of his books and not find a line that"
  • Impure hair - Blonde Redhead
    "I've lost my keyI've gone too farWas it enough to make you sick ?Maybe I live again, but would I lose again my virginity ?Oh, my virginityI'm shaped to get in your wayBut in the endWe defend our decadenceYou"
  • Yellow Hair - Trance To The Sun
    "I heard someone say my veins are coursing in vain Only your mother is the one to suckle not cows Their milk has shaken the change out of me Near to the spot of the unsuckled baby Windy howl on Christmas"
  • Indie hair - Blondie
    "I had a job washin' dishes in a sink. It made me rich, but in a different kind of way. I could cut my hair, but it costs too much. So I'll buy my own clippers, dartin,'and D.I.Y. this bush! Her last temptation"
  • Red Hair - Shawn Desman
    "I guess I fell in love too quick kinda got burned up by a red head chick. So I ain't tryin go that route again. I was rolling through a stop sign, lookin at a red light when I seen her ass walk by. That's"
  • Hair Down - Cold War Kids
    "Conversations that went on terrible paths don't talk about that No no, don't talk about that We're coming back loud and end this conversation Said you let your hair down you got enough to go round, oh"
  • Indie Hair - Live
    "I had a job washin' dishes in a sink It made me rich, but in a different kind of way I could cut my hair, but it costs too much So I'll buy my own clippers, darlin', and d.i.y. this bush! Her last temptation"

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