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High rule -Touch

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High rule -Touch
  • Basic Element Rule your world
    "Don't let them rule your world Don't let them rule your lifeJust let your feeling show the wayDon't let them rule your world Don't let them rule your lifeJust let your feeling show the way, yeahAll rightThis"
  • Kamelot Rule The World
    "When a new day reaches dawn I feel it's worth the wait But I tumble and I fall When up against my fate When the barricades come down I build it up again When I'm just about to drown I still don't know"
  • Dragonforce Where Dragons Rule
    "Full the moon and midnight sky Through the dark they ride Warriors of forever will sacrifice the night One for all and all for one The future time has come Faces filled with torment Your heart beats like"
  • Take That Rule The World
    "You light the skies, up above me A star, so bright, you blind me, yeah Don't close your eyes Don't fade away, don't fade away- Oh Yeah you and me we can ride on a star If you stay with me girl We can"
  • Billy Bragg Rule Nor Reason
    "The wind sways the trees and the raindrops on the leaves Tumble down, down my neck in the breeze Yes, it's true I hid out in the shadow of your doubt, And this medal that I wear is not for bravery, I'm"
  • Alisha's Attic The Golden Rule
    "Someone told me if you live in a glass house You might die in a big earthquake and end up with a stone in your mouth I felt like kicking out when my boyfriend made me cry But the loveliest fairy in"
  • Color Me Badd Let Love Rule
    "( European Bonus Track) 1,2,3,4 Ooh..... Brother can you see? Brother do you see the children dying? Brother do you try and understand? All of the horrors behind the crying Why do we do these things to"
  • Meliah Rage Decline Of Rule
    "The iron curtain Across the northern sea A nation's deviation From all honesty Deception lingers In malevolent minds Defiant races They shall survive Stalinism Control through fear Dictorial methods Brought"
  • Freya Rule No. 1
    "Rule No. 1 Kiss ... Smile ... Dance ... The movie was boring - it was (a) clich The plot was confusing - nothing to say The acting was plastic - the ending absurd And three hours later We left with"
  • Flogging Molly Black Friday Rule
    "I want to believe in myself once again So I dream of a man whose hopes never end To kiss with a girl who's as lovely as you I'd give you my heart, if you gave me the truth And for every tear that is"

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