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Hybrid Minds Touch

  • Suspicious Minds - Del Reeves
    "We're caught in a trap I can't walk out Because I love you too much baby Why can't you see what you're doing to me When you don't believe a word I'm saying We can't go on together with suspicious minds And"
  • Simple Minds - Dag Nasty
    "all those years wanting to be here all those tragedies I screamed at and laughed at and threw in the trash and still they stand their lives burn so bright they've long since defined what's wrong and what's"
  • Suspicious Minds - Texas
    "We're caught in a trap I can't walk out because I love you too much, baby. Why can't you see, what you're doing to me, when you don't believe a word I say? (chorus) We can't go on together, with Suspicious"
  • Some Minds - Flume
    "In our home all day I waited for the change Something warm that I could say Somehow I don't care Though I love the clothes she wears And I love her body bare So I pray that it wont feel the same Don't"
  • Synchro-Minds - Autumn
    "The fabric of a dream dissolved, or so it seemed in the waking light Exchangeable goodbye Go on, catch your flight It's been a privilege Did we shake hands? Well, mine were shaking still with the passing of"
  • Loaded Minds - Spirit Of The West
    "young boy is killed by a gun toting driver he caught him cuase the kid went too far when the mad was asked why he replied with conviction i caught the young punk throwing stones at my car stones at my"
  • Puny Minds - Pale Forest
    "Crystal wings on angel backs descending far above our tracks Puny minds beneath their lives A flight of glory over star encrusted skies Drift into obscurity's passage where silence is all Drift"
  • Enquiring Minds - Gangsta Boo
    "Ay ay Ain't you Gangsta Boo? Yeah Why you wanna know? Ay ay, you Ain't you used to go to Sheffield? What?! See, this is the prime example of some enquiring minds Mothafuckas in my business Mothafuckas"
  • Empty Minds - Batalion d'Amour
    "Tonight I let the wind lull me to sleep My Night Of Virtue will close my eyes and then Sleep's black curtain will fall down I'll be so safe inside the arms of misery I'll feel your kiss upon my brow "
  • Until Tomorrow (Stefan Anion & Starfire's 'Surviving Another Day' Mix) - Hybrid
    "You drink your health, And remember to forget, Yourself. (yourself...) Sat on a roof, In the everlasting moments of your youth. (your youth...) You looked surprised, As it all went up in smoke, before"

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