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I ll rise ben harper

  • Rise - Breed 77
    "You realise What I've seen with these eyes If you could see my pain See my pain with my eyes You'd begin to unlearn You would recognise If you could see my pain See my pain with my eyes But I can see"
  • Rise - Moe.
    "Someone took the bottle left it back inside On the bottom of the back of the shelf Another two stop to go inside It's making me think of myself (I said) I don't wanna wait This out anymore Keep standing Standing Stop! Time"
  • Rise - Disturbed
    "Rise Throw away The charade of your life Let the flame of my heart Burn away Your complacence tonight I command you to rise Wash away The decay of your life Feel the light of your eyes Find the way Through"
  • Rise - Bleeding Through
    "Sink your teeth into delicate skin Armour that hides your thoughts for all this eternity A clean break that will never heal Is this the pain that was felt every day? Fuck you, things will never change So"
  • Rise - Tripping Daisy
    "I could be wrong I could be right I could be black I could be white Your time has come your second skin The cost so high the gain so low Walk through the valley The written work is a lie May the road"
  • Rise - Josh Rouse
    "Think I'm gonna pass out Think I'll just lay down right here Someone turn the light out I'll cover myself with a jacket And I'll still Catch the last ride on a Brooklyn train Thirty years old and nothing's"
  • Rise - Public Enemy
    "Yeah that's right Chuck man, that's what you gotta do You got to tell 'em JUST LIKE THAT, you know what I'm sayin? Cause yo, man let me tell you a little somethin man All these brothers around here fiendin"
  • Rise - Strange Celebrity
    "Did you hear me when I called Down here on this dark road alone The moon is bright but there's no light To light my way Looking down over the edge again Where I can see what I have done And I'm guilty"
  • Rise - Flobots
    "So much pain we Dont know how to be but angry Feel infected like weve got gangrene Please dont let anybody try to change me Me Just me In the middle of a sea full of faces Full of faces Some laugh some"
  • Rise - Crucified
    "when my life was empty when my life was dead the pain was taking over and i wanted life to end "it's time...to say... goodbye...for good..." then one day God showed me gave me a reason to live showed me"

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