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Insane Clown Posse The Sky Is Falling

  • Go Insane - Jailbird
    "When the land of your father is calling you again. Find the time to embrace your loneliness. When the sun is leaving the sky for a better end. Find a place in your heart to remember your mortality. So"
  • Lifeless Clown - Robi Rosa
    "wonderland was a small street in the city of clowns i thought i'd never return so down, luried lights flowing over empty buildings where delilah sings her songs of love in my room, some whiskey in the"
  • Down With The Clown - Insane Clown Posse
    "This one goes out to the ninjas Thats been down since Carnival of Carnage Nah, fuck that, since Dog Beats Nah, fuck that, since Basement Cuts, motherfucker How long will the juggalos be down with me? How"
  • Class Clown - Owsley
    "Love is a friend of mine It tells me to keep my head When all those around me are Losing theirs instead You know me well I do it all on my own I wanted to turn around And make my house a home For the"
  • Sad Clown - Slug
    "This world ain't a wasteland It just taste that way some times. It depends on the angle On how you read your lines. For every brick we stack to come together to build There's a sick little crack in this"
  • Sad Clown - Sarah McLachlan
    "A time so haunting, moonlight in the mist Lay me down beside you, oh, as long as it lasts From the river comes a figure, drifting slowly by Trailing long the water, leaving softer than a sigh, Softer than"
  • Under The Falling Sky - Jackson Browne
    "Warm and lovely mystery, fire smiling through Before this moment fades away I want to know you I've got lightning in my pocket, thunder in my shoe Have no fear I've got something here I want to show you Hey,"
  • Falling From The Sky - Gutterball
    "it's raining down in Eastern Pawtucket it's raining down in Philly, too stood outside praying to get wet and I ended up with mud all over my shoes Crazy Bobby on the water tower spraying bullets and catching"
  • Falling From The Sky - Calexico
    "Well, I dreamt you were playing An old guitar from a five and dime There was a song trapped inside With the sweetest tune You said it was sad to sing Where do you fall when you have nowhere to do? Where"
  • Posse Bonus - Tori Amos
    "This is your posse bonus, this is your extra This is your posse bonus, because I like you This is your posse bonus this is your extra This is your posse bonus 'cause I like you Because I like you, 'cause"

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