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Inxs mistify

  • Fair Weather Ahead - INXS
    "There's this place full of mountain heads Living and chewing on the fat Built upon the hazy plan Like foundations slipping through the sand Long teeth and whiskers like a rat Fearing only those present They"
  • Night Of Rebellion - INXS
    "Simple matters always seem To make things complicated I think of ways to understand But it all get's away from me I sense persuasion of a kind It wraps itself around me The changing message of your love Rarely"
  • Follow - INXS
    "Never had a spanner on her Says she sees it straight Never took the detour Always licks her plate Got a sticky finger On someone I know Best of everything now See the money roll Stupid people I won't"
  • Barbarian - INXS
    "First there's nothing Takes a long time Piece by piece It comes together He makes drawings Turns them into real things Simple paintings Of caves long ago Just like a game Always a winner But he works"
  • What Would You Do - INXS
    "I've come a long way by car The road went narrow The bridges too far Screaming at 90 Whisper at 10 Feel the towns make you spend Another city phone rings Letting tears come through Mixed among feelings Fed"
  • Just To Learn Again - INXS
    "Back in time where fear can't climb Warm and safe with a nursery rhyme They will put your feet in very hot water With your senses in a cloud you Make them rich and very proud All those years of learning Just"
  • On A Bus - INXS
    "Liquor market Lots of flats Another 24-hour chemist Self-Serve gas I said all these things Serve me well I said all these things Serve me well, yeah It's hypnotizing It sends me to sleep No one talks"
  • Dancing On The Jetty - INXS
    "Watch the world argue Argue with itself Who's going to teach me Peace and happiness We could sit here forever Just never get old Listen to the world Letting God's tyres down Hit cities, sharp nights Rag"
  • The Swing - INXS
    "It's the swing It's the swing like a pendulum It marks the moments as the years go by on an innocent face The swing, into never never land There was a darkness like an old friend That scratched and crawled"
  • Johnson's Aeroplane - INXS
    "Four long lines one darker than the rest Each one has a purpose, making borders on the land Farmer's pride you know he works real hard From a small aeroplane you can see the fields Heart shaped hedges Japanese"

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