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  • Over And Under - Egypt Central
    "I know you'll be there To see the tables turning Wake up tomorrow And watch the bridges burning Pre-chorus: I can see I can see it in your eyes I can feel I can feel it in my mind I don't care I don't"
  • 23:59 End Of The World - Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
    "23:59 end of the world Central European Time A central European girl Too scared to love, unprepared for love Trips and falls down the stairs for love Like a princess bride with an allover bruise She tries"
  • Halley's Comet - Phish
    "Halley's Comet, I-said-a Halley's Comet (2x) Halley's Comet (4x) Halley's Comet, I-said-a Halley's Comet (2x) How could you know that I lived in a desperate world? How could you dream that we were all"
  • Invisible String - Taylor Swift
    "Green was the color od the grass Where i used to read at Central Park I used to think i would meet somebody there* *Official Lyric Video Utwór "Invisible String" Taylor Swift pochodzi z albumu "Folklore"."
  • Mystery Of The Fence - Camberwell Now
    "Translate these words into your mother tongue: Mystery of the fence, ministry of defence. A change of handwriting, a different understanding. Central office of information. Send reinforcements, we're"
  • Staring At The Board - Spoon
    "What you knew of me was all sad and deformed operator i'm baked and i'm boy you better take a look in that box because sitting on them couches sitting on them floors well it's better that that's done and"
  • Weather Experience (Voice: weather forecast speaker) - Prodigy
    "Wales, and in the more central and southern parts, it'll be a fine dry day. Good deal of sunshine to begin with, clouding over somewhat later on. But for Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, and in"
  • New Amsterdam - Travis
    "Jean Michel Basquiat, Franois Truffaut Robert Zimmerman, and De Niro Paris Texas End of the world New York, New York Goodbye girl And they meet on Bleeker Street Or the park that is central, oh I watch"
  • Kamera (Demo Alternate) - Wilco
    "I need a camera to my eye to my eye deciding which lies have I been hiding which echoes belong I've counted out like days in Central Park echoes in my heart and gravel in my palm phone my family tell"
  • Doctor Jazz - Harry Connick Jr.
    "hello central give me doctor jazz. he's got just what i need, i know he has. when the world goes wrong, and i've got the blues, he's the man who makes me put on both my dancin' shoes. the more"

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