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Jimmy Buffett Boomerang Love

  • Boomerang - Big Pun
    "Niggaz is flossin a lot, time to start extortin the plot Just a portion of prod' off the top for my Porsche and my yacht Somethin for the cops to keep em blind, so we can crime with piece of mind, turn"
  • Boomerang - Kevin Parent
    "Tu rentres dans un bar, tu fais mine de rien Y a un baveux dans chaque coin Ils ont une telle grandeur d'estime de soi Qu'ils se runissent pour rire de toi Ben souvent ils commencent par l'habillement La"
  • Boomerang - Agent 51
    "Ricky had a will Ricky had a way Ricky was a stubborn kid He showed it every day But he didn't yell And he didn't fight Instead of starting arguments Ricky would take flight Oh - He hasn't done is yet"
  • Love And Luck - Jimmy Buffett
    "(Jimmy Buffett, J. Beroard, J.C. Naimro) Better days are in the cards I feel Feel it in the changin' wind I feel it when I fly So talk to me I'll listen to your story I've been around enough to know That"
  • Boom Boom Boomerang ( Eurovision 1977 ) - Schmetterlinge
    "Music is love for you and me Music is money for the record company Musik liegt wieder in der Luft Mmm... das ist der ganz besondere Duft Der groen Welt, die uns gefllt Deejay vor dem Mikrophon Leg"
  • 7 Day Weekend - Boomerang
    "Oh, nobody does it the way I like this? Where are you from? Yeah, you really got me now I was at a party, spotted your baby face Hair slicked back in place, smile so vivid I knew I had to make a move on"
  • Love Potion Epi. (Jimmy Neutron) - Nickelodeon
    "He'll comply with my every demand My Valentine will know who's in command (Will he be good in school?) He'll do my homework every night (What if he's a fool?) He'd better get the answers right He'll"
  • Shadow And Jimmy - Elvis Costello
    "Shadow and Jimmy were always yesterday's news Jimmy's a bowler, Shadow rents out his green bowling shoes Late Friday night when the bars are all shuttered and dark He shadows back Jimmy to the lot in the"
  • Jimmy Olsen's Blues - Spin Doctors
    "Well, I don't think I can handle this A cloudy day in Metropolis I think I'll talk to my analyst I got it so bad for this little journalist It drives me up the wall and through the roof Lois and Clark"
  • Poor happy Jimmy - Gino Vanelli
    "Give him a soft guitar to play what he chooseHe ain't got no fancy chordsOnly got his bluesPoor happy JimmyI didn't know him very well but he was with meAnd I won't take a dime just to make it rhymeCause"

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