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  • The Stooges Death Trip
    "Death trip Aaaaaoooowww! Say hey hey! Say hey hey hey! Honey honey honey yeah yeah! Say yeah yeah yeah! Oooooowww! Awwright! An' now my four-wheel'll steer you 'round (??) Sucking a new life (?????) My"
  • Tripping Daisy Trip Along
    "Sitting on a curved back couch My mind it rolls Reminds me it was so easy Staring at the christmas lights in a box That were once hanging on my tree Proving once again that seasons change So do we - it's"
  • Dr. Dog Worst Trip
    "Well it's hard enough to get there On your own And it's always time to pay rent When you're home Is this the worst trip You have ever been on? Well you're looking for the light switch Click it on (That's"
  • Camper Van Beethoven Bad Trip
    "You know, you really shouldn't take yourself so seriously If you want to know why, it's 'cause no one else does Somewhere along the line someone told you you were deep and sensitive But you're not Came"
  • Stereolab Extension Trip
    "Constitution biologique la fois rigide et plastique Dont la souplesse laisse place la faculte critique Dont la souplesse laisse place une bien plus grande optique Extension trip Biological constitution At"
  • The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Temporary Trip
    "I saw a man break down on New Year's Eve Drop to his knees and cry hysterically Screaming nonsense you would not believe On the sidewalk right in front of me And I asked him Mr. what's the matter Calm"
  • Nixons First Trip
    "How long since I've seen you I don't know It seems like 50 million years ago I still think of you every now and then And last words you said let's be friends Yet I remember Do you recall I was the one"
  • Autumn Clan Dissonant Trip
    "Change your visions, throw the old away leave me in silence trip away and take me now it's down below Change your feelings, don't fool yourself feel the desire and turn away, so take me now you feel"
  • Hi Standard Endless Trip
    "Somehow we're in the wrong van. Pop music on the radio. The guys are sleeping like dogs. A cool guy with tattoos driving. He has a thick pierce in his tongue. No reason so we just keep moving. Making music"
  • Logistics The Trip
    "Let me take you on a trip A journey full of sound and beats One that will lead you down, Way down And the way you make me feel.... Let me take you on a trip A journey full of sound and beats One that will"

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