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Kartkay outside

  • Happy Outside - Omnisoul
    "Woke up this morning, I had to smile This feeling covered me and warmed my insides And soon you''ll find me happy outside Yes, someday you''ll find me happy outside No, the clouds won''t stop me They''re"
  • Outside Down - Graveworm
    "Never ending - I'm dying Before I stay to try Insinde - outside Upside and down Left and right Before and behind I prefer to die before the end Over and under Are black and white really the same? Hallo?"
  • Inside outside - Delirious
    "Inside outside, under my skin Never ending love I don't know where it begins? I don't know where it ends, I don't know how high I don't know how deep, I don't know how wide Outside inside around the world"
  • The Outside - TWENTY ONE PILOTS
    "I'm already bored I'm pretty sure I've seen this one before I've got a long drive, I'll tape my eyes So I don't fall asleep again Singing out Up and down, they're nodding Heads are moving up and down You"
  • Step outside - Secrets In Stereo
    "maybe this is just pretend we really havent lost our way baby, my heart is caving in I dont wanna hear the words you say the air is getting thin its hard to breathe I think I need to step outside we're"
  • World Outside - The Devlins
    "Tell me your secret What you desire I will still be there for you And tell me you need it Tell me something you're not I will still be there for you And say you believe it All of your lies Tell me you"
  • Outside Tokyo - The Stranglers
    "Somewhere outside Tokyo Invented time Someone in a factory Invented time If people wanted proof to Carry on they'd like to buy one 50 million watches with a Strap to sell 50 million watches with"
  • Cold Outside - Ludacris
    "It ain't no one to trust but me And I got to make sure that I take care of my family And it ain't no choices 'cause it's cold outside (It's cold outside) And to my niggas on the block On the grind and"
  • Dying Outside - BrainStorm
    "[- Social isolation -] i always have fantastic plans no matter what to do i hide my fears and leave you here as rain falls down on you do you believe and don't you know the way it's always been i realize"
  • Step outside - Randy
    "Racist issues are subject of discussion again. The conditions are the same, but the problems still remains. And just like so many times before, we come to no conclusion, we achieve nothing more. Yes, I'm"

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