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Kurt nilesn -I

  • Superliga - Nephew
    "Jason Watt er glad Rasmus Trads er flad Britney Spears er sd og Kurt Cobain er dd Michael Stipe er vis Wesley Snipes er fis Jimmy Floyd er sort O.J. Simpson er spurgt Men du' superliga med et world cup"
  • Dead, Gay, And Dropped - Anal Cunt
    "shannon hoon,you're dead,kurt cobain,you're dead,jerry garcia,you're dead elton john,you're gay,joe bonni,you're gay,jm j bullock,you're gay bolt thrower,you're dropped,suffocation,you're dropped,napalm"
  • Schlecht Informiert - Funny Van Dannen
    "Hans kommt nach Haus, seine Frau ist nicht allein Es kommt zum Kampf. Ja mu das denn sein? Jetzt ist er tot, sagt mir wie ihr das findet Ist schlecht informiert nicht auch behindert? Keine Ahnung, viel"
  • Cannon Song (Aka Army Song) - Stan Ridgway
    "(Kurt Weill/Bertolt Brecht/Marc Blitzstein) Performed by Stan Ridgway and the Fowler Brothers John was all present and Jim was all there And Georgie was up for promotion Not that the Army gave a bugger"
  • Chocolate Fish - A 4 apple
    "a little gurl growing up needs some more attention a little boy growing up needs some more rock and roll fly away on the highway now speed the gear before you change your mind and turn on the radio to"
  • Mack The Knife - Nick Cave
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous Mack The Knife Nick covered this in a segment in September Songs: A Tribute to Kurt Weill See the shark with teeth like razors And he wears them in his face And Macheath has"
  • Play On - Squeeze
    "(Difford/Tilbrook) He wants to be glorified And swallowed in fame He wants to be a hero Like Kurt Cobain Playing his guitar With it hung round his knees The tour bus syndrome The touring"
  • Mackie El Navaja - Miguel Rios
    "Si el diablo tiene cuernos la serpiente cascabel, Mackie tiene una navaja pero nadie la puede ver. Jams deja rastro en un crimen es astuto como el chacal, con sus guantes Mackie el Navaja borra"
  • Live For Life - Tony Bennett
    "Lost in the Stars Tony Bennett (Maxwell Anderson/Kurt Weill) Before Lord God made the sea and the land, He held all the stars in the palm of his hand. And they ran through his fingers like grains of"
  • Lost In The Stars - Elvis Costello
    "(Kurt Weill/Maxwell Anderson) Before Lord God made the sea and the land He held all the stars in the palm of his hand And they ran through his fingers like grains of sand And one little star fall alone Then"

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