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  • Somethin' Else - Led Zeppelin
    "Oh, look over there Here she comes Here comes that girl again One that I know since I dont know when But she dont notice me, when I pass She goes with all the guys who are out of my class But that cant"
  • I'll Never Get Over You - Led Zeppelin
    "I'll never get over you No I'll never get over you I just can't ( ? ) ( ? ) see her anymore Whoah no no It wasn't so long ago That you told me you love me so Then you went and said goodbye And found another"
  • I'm A Man - Led Zeppelin
    "I see the writing On the wall I see you baby Gonna make you feel small Sweet darlin' Ooh you gotta be mine I'm gonna love you baby For about a hours time Cause I'm a man Spelled m Spelled a Spelled n Yes"
  • I'm Moving On - Led Zeppelin
    "I told my baby once upon a time You will be yours mama I will be mine Well that's alright Ooh well I mean that's alright Every now and then I wonder Who's ( ? ) I told you baby long time ago I need you"
  • I've Got A Girl - Led Zeppelin
    "I gotta tell you 'bout my baby She's found another man Gonna tell you 'bout my baby She's found some other man I know she don't love me I think you will understand I've got a girl, lives upon a hill I've"
  • Let's Have A Party - Led Zeppelin
    "Some people like to rock Some people like to roll But movin' and-a groovin' gonna Satisfy my soul Let's have a party Let's have a party Send 'im to the store let's By some more Let's have a party tonight I"
  • Love Me Like A Hurricane - Led Zeppelin
    "You know it hurts so much C'mon and please me You know I need your tender touch Love me like a hurricane And then you start to ( ? ) You tell me that you'll come on over Then you say you won't Love me"
  • Move On Down The Line - Led Zeppelin
    "You gonna be my lover baby You ain't gonna stop I'm gonna give you real good love Gonna drive ( ? ) Well move, move on down the line I'm gonna do right, do right all the time Well I'm gonna move on"
  • Nadine - Led Zeppelin
    "I got on a city bus and found a vacant seat, I thought I saw my future bride walking up the street, I shouted to the driver hey conductor, you must slow down. I think I see her please let me off this bus Nadine,"
  • Sittin' And Thinkin' - Led Zeppelin
    "You said you want to love my baby But now you changed your mind You said you're gonna be true babe Until the end of time Then you started messin' round with me baby Tryin' to do lovin' daddy no good Since"

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