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Lennon stella kissing

  • Kissing you - Betty
    "I like the stories you tell meI like the way you thinkI like the way you spend moneyI like the beer you drinkButI dont likeI dont likeI dont likeI dont likeI dont like kissing youYouYouYouI like that you"
  • Kissing Bedrock - Leonardos Bride
    "you've been kissing bedrock i can tell by the way you carry round the world on your shoulders high, ever wonder why. the only way to go is up from here. you've been kissing bedrock i can see"
  • Kissing Tree - Sarah Masen
    "Happy days seem far too far Loneliness is on my trail Since you packed up your suitcase The car just doesn't start I guess it's lost its heart Did you have to take that too Remember when Roses were red Violets"
  • Kissing Bridge - Perry Como
    "La, La La, La La, La . . . La, La La, La La, La . . . Hey Bea! Hey Margie! Say, Jerry! Come on an' go with us! Let's go to the kissin' bridge! Oh! Great idea Rudy! ( Wow!, Let's go! ) To the old"
  • Kissing Rain - Roch Voisine
    "Another night of fallin' rain Your memory flickers like a flame And it comes like it's destined to And dances on the 4 walls of my room Your hair as black as the book of frame You'll have to feel the"
  • Celebrity Kissing - Peter Hammill
    "Celebrity kissing, this has got to stop; yeah, they're swarming like flies, they're like bees around the honeypot. Celebrity kissing, will it never end? Well, you know and I know this is only pretence... You"
  • Kissing You - Keith Washington
    "Thinking of you That's all I seem to do When you're not here I long to hold you near Baby, this time Together we must bare Holdin' you close Takin' time to let you know Tonight's the night we will share Turn"
  • Kissing Game - Mandy Moore
    "Hey yeah Oh, oh Oh I like the way I like, I like, I like All summer long we have been together And it never felt so good. Cause when I'm with you It's such a good time. Yes it is And when you get next"
  • French Kissing - Sarah Connor
    "Come on, you say you love me I make you believe that it's love you receive Like a thief I just take what I need And when we're going tonight Just an ordinary evening I hear voices from the ceiling And"
  • Kissing Me - JYONGRI
    "At First Sight shizen ni hika re atte kanji ae ru deai niitsudemo hazure hanai guuzen notokimekito kiseki to unmei no itazura gakonnani chikadu ku koisuru otome dakara setsuna kumonaru , namida moaru dakedo"

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