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Leonard Cohen,

  • I Tried To Leave You - Leonard Cohen
    "I tried to leave you, I don't deny I closed the book on us, at least a hundred times. I'd wake up every morning by your side. The years go by, you lose your pride. The baby's crying, so you do not"
  • Boogie Street - Leonard Cohen
    "O Crown of Light, O Darkened One, I never thought wed meet. You kiss my lips, and then its done: Im back on Boogie Street. A sip of wine, a cigarette, And then its time to go. I tidied up the kitchenette; I"
  • The Land Of Plenty - Leonard Cohen
    "Dont really know who sent me To raise my voice and say: May the lights in The Land of Plenty Shine on the truth some day. I dont know why I come here, Knowing as I do, What you really think of me, What"
  • The Future - Leonard Cohen
    "Give me back my broken night my mirrored room, my secret life it's lonely here, there's no one left to torture Give me absolute control over every living soul And lie beside me, baby, that's an"
  • Take This Longing - Leonard Cohen
    "Many men have loved the bells you fastened to the rein, and everyone who wanted you they found what they will always want again. Your beauty lost to you yourself just as it was lost to them. Oh take"
  • Leaving Green Sleeves - Leonard Cohen
    "Alas, my love, you did me wrong, to cast me out discourteously, for I have loved you so long, delighting in your very company. Now if you intend to show me disdain, don't you know it all the more"
  • Avalanche - Leonard Cohen
    "Well I stepped into an avalanche, it covered up my soul; when I am not this hunchback that you see, I sleep beneath the golden hill. You who wish to conquer pain, you must learn, learn to serve me"
  • Waiting For The Miracle - Leonard Cohen
    "Baby, I've been waiting, I've been waiting night and day. I didn't see the time, I waited half my life away. There were lots of invitations and I know you sent me some, but I was waiting for the"
  • Be For Real - Leonard Cohen
    "Are you back in my life to stay Or is it just for today Oh that you're gonna need me? If it's a thrill you're looking for Honey, I'm flexible. Oh, yeah. Just be for real won't you, Baby Be for real"
  • Anthem - Leonard Cohen
    "The birds they sang at the break of day Start again I heard them say Don't dwell on what has passed away or what is yet to be. Ah the wars they will be fought again The holy dove She will be"

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