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  • Dissolve - Hundred Reasons
    "You trained for the stare And I left you to muddle through And you held your breath To whatever depth you choose But if features could mislead issues And toil away til the sun would set But to teach you"
  • Hold Thou My Hand - So Weak I Am, And Helpless - Hymns
    "Hold Thou my hand: so weak I am, and helpless;I dare not take one step without Thy aid.Hold Thou my hand: for then, O Loving Savior,No dread of ill shall make my soul afraid. Hold Thou my hand: and closer,"
  • In The Hour Of Trial - Hymns
    "In the hour of trial,Jesus, plead for me,Lest by base denial,I depart from Thee;When Thou seest me waver,With a look recall,Nor for fear or favorSuffer me to fall. Should Thy mercy send meSorrow, toil,"
  • Every Frog Has His Day - Lou Reed
    "Oh mellifluous dwarf prince of all the jesters Funny little thing you are Make me laugh As God's voluminous star Gracious majesty Today is not made for laughter day This moment sacred is more for royal"
  • My faith is stronger than the hills - Kasia Nosowska
    "My Faith is larger than the Hills -- So when the Hills decay -- My Faith must take the Purple Wheel To show the Sun the way -- 'Tis first He steps upon the Vane -- And then -- upon the Hill -- And then"
  • I Spy - No For An Answer
    "I see so many risks we take, Things that lead to murder, rape, Things we do to maintain cool, We point our fingers and we pick our fools, Yes I...I spy! Those who feel out of place, The tortured soul who"
  • Lead Me Gently Home - Johnny Cash
    "Oh lead me gently home father lead me gently home When life's toils are ended and parting days have come Sin no more will tempt me there from Thee I'll roam If you'll only lead me father lead me gently"
  • Magdelina - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "Awaiting my treasure drifting ashore When from the galleys we're set free And I'll never give you more Than the time that we save Magdelina I forgave And I will feel everything There are bridges burning"
  • Requiem - Orphanage
    "rex tremendae maiestatis qui salvandos salvas gratis salva me fons pietatis... amen the trumpet scattering it's awful sound across the graves of all lands summons all before the throne death and nature"
  • v - Ofermod
    "At the edge of the sword The Serpent of Wisdom raises its head Proudly gazing at the lightning flash The Path upon which it must ascend Opening the Gate of Death And piercing the foundation Into"

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