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Lp went were high

  • Just To Get A Rep (LP Version) - Gang Starr
    "Stick up kids is out to tax And this is how the story goes Brothers are amused by others brother's reps But the thing they know best is where the gun is kept 'Cause in the night, you'll feel fright And"
  • When We Were Kids - Ludacris
    "Okay, I remember the days High Rise, Low Lifts, Even Stevens and Fags Troops Lotto and BK's those was the days High tech boots spray paintin' wit'cha names T-shirts airbrushed that read the same They"
  • When We Were Innocent - Eli Young Band
    "It's good there was a full moon out that night I can still recall your body in the pale white light When love's not love it sure felt right Who would have known you were the crazy type. We were teaching"
  • Where Were You, Baby? - Don McLean
    "Where Were You Baby? - (Josh White) As recorded by DonMclean I looked through every barroom And I searched from coast to coast You were scarce as low-cost housing Baby when I needed you most And where"
  • When We Were Young - Shifty
    "when we were young(x5) when we were young everything was so new we broke all the rules just to do it and i dont know how the hell i lived through it young and on the run gettin' loaded like a gun when"
  • I Went To Sleep - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys 20 20 I Went To Sleep Brian Wilson I took a walk and sat down in a park The gardener walked out and the sprinklers went on They watered the lawn and I went to sleep Ten thirty I turned my"
  • Where We Went Wrong - The Hush Sound
    "My heart has lost its wind now Broken like a dead sail My love has drifted out to sea My body has been claimed Soul has been shipped away Can't feel the sand between my toes We set the wrong course and"
  • Jesse Went To War - Marcy Playground
    "Jesse when you went to war And never did return Summer came and all the girls were Sitting on the lawn Looked down at all those letters And I knew that you were gone But I came back I came back Brothers"
  • High So High - South Park
    "f/ Marilyn Rylander I'ma roll 84's til' them hoes start clackin First Verse: Put 'em on they back and got 'em askin' "What happened?" Homie was crackin', it's good to be back See me on the slab with"
  • High So High - South Park Mexican
    "(feat. Marilyn Rylander) I'ma roll 84's til' them hoes start clackin Put 'em on they back and got 'em askin' "What happened?" Homie was crackin', it's good to be back See me on the slab with a beautiful"

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