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Luca silence

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Luca silence
  • Tara McLean Silence
    "Say the words, break my heart Touch my lips, with your fingertips and push them apart put your hands in my hair and pull me down well you're nothing but a stranger to me now 'Cause I'm long past feeling and"
  • Level 42 Silence
    "Lonely girl lies awake at night silence ringing in her ears there's a boy who is on her mind so much promise unfulfilled she had waited so patiently he had nothing more to say not a sound as she slowly"
  • Sarah Masen Silence
    "Your silence scares me Brings me to my knees And I see now how much I need You here Speechless awaiting for the perfect time to show me What my eyes, my eyes can not see now And I'm crying more than trusting That"
  • A Life Once Lost Silence
    "A Life Once Lost Iron Gag Silence Only when I speak to myself Is when the real Substantial conversations Flow together Words travel gently off my tongue I leave myself speechless Thoughts die horribly"
  • Dry Cell Silence
    "I belive that im hangin by a stringand im feeling so small in a world full of big thingsundone and im ready to explode on the thing i dont knowand i just wanna let gounderstand that the way that i am is"
  • Assemblage 23 Silence
    "I want you to know the thoughts My mind contains I want you to feel the rage Pulse through my veins I want you to see the anger In my eyes I want you to feel fear For your own life I want to see the"
  • Krayzie Bone Silence
    "(Intro Repeated-Sin of Graveyard Shift) Silence is necessary, don't tell them who you are (Verse 1-Sin of Graveyard Shift) Formulate a different tactic, let's sing anthems No sterotypical categorizing,"
  • Aly & AJ Silence
    "I'll bet two years I'll bet one year I'll bet those years You won't be here I guess I'll keep I guess you'll keep Every memory Sadly we may never be I'll bet my tears I'll bet your years I'll bet those"
  • Michael Kiske & Amanda Somerville Silence
    "Michael Kiske Is it just a dream or is it just a deja vu from nowhere? I hide myself my feelings where hurt long ago Just curious in the middle of a lonely road I turn myself away through the day Amanda"
  • Portishead Silence
    "Tempted in our minds Tormented inside lie Wounded, I'm afraid inside my head Falling through changes Did you know when you lost? Did you know when I wanted? Did you know what I lost? Do you know what"

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