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Lullaby sigsla

  • Lullaby - The Mitch Hansen Band
    "Being made of stone will make you strong But I've been alone for oh so long Then there you were a silent mind And beauty that I thought I'd never find Something Strange is happening And I don't know what"
  • Lullaby - Galleon
    "Four riders will come from the north bringing snow and ice they guarantee you will extend in their magical device Although they wont speak a word the perceptive will understand you can lead a beautiful"
  • Lullaby - Eisley
    "Lullaby After the moon comes up, all of the toys behind closed doors open their eyes and move their squeaky joints across the floor. Rocking horses run, tinker toys assembling, twisting mobile stars,"
  • Lullaby - Shawn Mullins
    "She grew up with the children of the stars in the hollywood hills and the boulevard her parents threw big parties everyone was there they hung out with folks like dennis hopper, bob seeger, and sonny and"
  • Lullaby - Stephen Lynch
    "Hush little girl sweet baby dont cry, tonight daddy is here and he'll sing you a soft lullaby, tonight why cant it all be like it was before how can i explain why mommy's not here anymore Cause daddy"
  • Lullaby - Melanie Brown
    "Sometimes I think aboutWhat life was like beforeWas it full of old remediesThat kept me reaching for the doorBut I know this love is uncoditional (yeah yeah)Deep inside you're my living joy (yeah yeah)Gonna"
  • Lullaby - Lamb
    "Always and forever We'll be free Always and forever Be with me We'll have love a'plenty We'll have joys outnumbered We'll share perfect moments You and me Always and forever You will see Always and forever Just"
  • Lullaby - James
    "Since your mother cast her spell Every kiss has left a bruise You've been raiding too much meaning from existence Now your head is used and sore And the forecast is for more Memories falling, like falling"
  • Lullaby - Marianne Faithfull
    "Hush now little one, The day has lost its glow The night falls softly round The sandman's sleepy saws. Sleep. The stars will shine tonight High up in the sky. The breeze will sing a song As he goes hurrying"
  • Lullaby - Joe Jackson
    "Shall I stay or go Through the door Will the pen to flow Watch the stars Sleep's a chore The moon is growing cold It hangs like a sliver of tin How do our dreams unfold And why are my bones feeling thin I"

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