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Luther Vandross Right In The Middle

  • Stuck In The Middle - Jay Sean
    "(feat. Jared Cotter) Im just sitting here, tryna Forget bout all those years, and I I can't take the thought of him Alone with you (alone with you) Its been a year or so, and you Moved on and left"
  • G.C. Luther - Buck 65
    "read the reviews, how can you say that rookie's butter? he's just another piece of ginger bread from the cookie cutter. abide by the laws of architectural evolution to build a spark of sexual revolution. i"
  • Smack Dab In The Middle - Chris LeDoux
    "Lately I've been feelin' funny My head's a-spinnin' and my knees are weak Every time I get around you, honey The heartbreak thing comes over me It all started with a reel o' motion A little kiss and before"
  • In the middle of madness - UFO
    "Don't you really love her, don't you really care You've been looking forever, how did she get you there In the middle of madness, when all has gone In the middle of madness, she walks, she breathes Babylon"
  • In The Middle Of Nowhere - Dusty Springfield
    "(Buddy Kaye / Bea Verdi) Where does our love lie? In the middle of nowhere Will it soon pass me by? In the middle of nowhere Baby, won't you tell me What am I to do? I'm in the middle of nowhere Getting"
  • Smack Dab In The Middle - Ray Charles
    "Pick me a town In any clime Where people like A rockin time And stay awake Both day and night Till everybody's feelin good an' right Then throw me (Smack dab in the middle) I wanna be (Smack dab in the"
  • Meet Me In The Middle - Continental Drifters
    "Written by Peter Holsapple Main Voice: SUSAN Produced by Continental Drifters & Mike Mayeux Released on 'Vermilion' (1999) Well, I could be persuaded, yes I could Ask me very nicely if I would Wait to"
  • Caught Up In The Middle - MercyMe
    "I've found a place Where I can finally be a part of the story I've been embraced By the wonderful arms of glory There is nowhere else I'd rather be I believe Your spirit is alive and on the move Oh I"
  • Drop Me In The Middle - Natasha Bedingfield
    "(feat. Bizzare from D12) Woah woah, woah woah, woah woah, woah woah Bizare from D12, my girl Natasha, from the low-end, hahaha I think I found the recipe of creativity Put all you've got, then"
  • Out Here In The Middle - Robert Earl Keen
    "They broke into you car last night Took the stereo Now you say you don't know why You even live there anymore The garage man didn't see a thing So you guess it was an inside job You made a reservation Table"

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