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Magsonics Why

  • Why - Kisha
    "everytime I look at you got a feeling deep and true uh--- I can't stand it any longer I wonder if you feel the same this feeling in my heart is gettin' stronger how can I get close to you it's hard for"
  • Why - News
    "Why Sonna fuu ni waraeru no? Ikutsu Uso Kokoro ni kakushiteru no? Donna fuu ni Iiwake shitekuren dai? Sayonara wo surun dai? Hurting my heart Why don't you tell me the truth? Waratte gomakasu kedo Why"
  • Why - Shannon Brown
    "It's 3 am and you finally say You're sorry for acting that way You didn't really mean to make me cry Oh baby, sometimes I wonder (Chorus:) Why does it always have to come down to me leaving Before"
  • Why? - New York Rel-X
    "it seems i'm living in a lost and far away place it feels alittle bit like sleep no fun, no motivation, a simple far away state when days are over they repeat i glance around / become aware that this"
  • Why - Superior
    "I can't fall asleep. My visions make me cry I ask myself. Why am I here Left in despair - no light And there's no change Why do we love Right at the start and then - We end in hate Why do we have Way"
  • Why - Air
    "Air Miscellaneous Why ============ Air - Why? ============ You shut your mouth, Don't make a sound. What do you know anyway? What do you care? You never cared. And I hope you're happy, When you're screwing"
  • Why - Average White Band
    "Why did love bring us together I wonder if it was real or Whether it was something out of time A situation we could not explain Could it be your love was just like sunshine turned to rain Try as hard"
  • Why - The Moffatts
    "turn on the news today what else do i see something going on some where else it means the world to me shots going off right on my tv and i can't help myslef to think this could be me why do we have to"
  • Why - Daniel Cirera
    "There's some days when I can't stop to thinking of you and what we've been through I tell my mind to let it go but it's pissed at me and it's ready to blow So I masturbate to the pictures in my head, memories"
  • Why - Channel Zero
    "Three weeks and 2 day's ago Since I was released from goal 17 years behind bars create a hate you cannot kill Every time they scapped my face Careful not to leave a trace For many years I've borne the"

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