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Mama Miko

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Mama Miko
  • The Kelly Family Mama
    "Why did you have do die When I was only at the age of 5 So suddenly you've gone And I was left with answers hard to find Now I think of you 'cause I'm in hunger for your warmth That no one can replace And"
  • Jehro Mama
    "Mama sat down and spoke today While there's life There is hope, it's comin' your way Listen to me Oh just hear the words I say Mama tells me I'm like those fools Clammed up tight Holding back what they"
  • Bonfire Mama
    "Billy was a young boy what he cared her first guitar He was dream about the bigtown And the known to be a star Mama was proud to help him She was proud to watch him plays but you thin thing Billy someday were"
  • Magnum Mama
    "I've seen plenty of trouble Never been any different, I know You've got to run on the double Keep your eye on the chariot low Mama let your garden grow Mama let your garden grow I've seen plenty of trouble Never"
  • Toto Mama
    "Mama, I don't love you anymore Money's got me crawlin' on the floor Lover, I'm so ashamed that I must go Funny somehow I thought by now you'd know Girl you'd better take my hand And say what you mean"
  • Headstone Epitaph Mama
    "(Martin: a heavy riff expressing an even heavier message: child abuse.) (vers:) Mama would you listen to your son would you listen to what I say can't you see that helpless one can't you see me how"
  • Ziggy Marley Mama
    "Mama I don't ever want to see you cry If then they knew him They'd have passed right by Oh Joseph's a man of many women, feel no way Oh always remember you are the first of them So oh Mama If they could"
  • Cher Mama
    "Chorus: Mama when my dollies have babies And I am a big lady Mama will a prince come and take me away When I said these things I believed in kings Then I didn't know love could hurt me so Slowly she replied,"
  • Boyz II Men Mama
    "Me diste todo y ms que todo Me enseaste t Te llevo dentro de mi Y tu fuerza me hace vivir Si Cuando a mi lado no te siento Ya no se quien soy Ni se lo que voy a ser Todo sin ti me sale mal Tu"
  • Jafia Namuel MAMA
    "Mama zawsze mówiła mi: ”Przed każdym wyjściem z domu Synku, pamiętaj, bądź sobą! I nigdy tak od razu nie ufaj nikomu” Mama zawsze powtarzała: ”Podążaj własną drogą! A wszystko się ułoży Pan Bóg wszystkie"

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