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  • Creative Individual - Mandy Moore
    "A creative individual is seeking normalcy The embarrassment and humiliation with every mocking word is almost to much for her to bare The unsettling cruelty is easy to see through their actions The uncomfortable"
  • Found You - Mandy Moore
    "Found You You set my soul free, I cant believe its true That you wanna be with me, I know you do Finally I can see Im no longer confused I this has to be right Youre the pieces Ive been missing all my"
  • I'm Gonna Change Everything - Mandy Moore
    "Yeah, I'm Gonna Change Everything That holds a memory of you, oh yeah I'm gonna start with the walls, take the pictures off the walls And burn 'em Move the chairs around, take the window curtains down"
  • I Wanna Be With U (No Mix) - Mandy Moore
    "I try but I can't seem to get myself to think of anything but you Your breath on my face your warm, gentle kiss I taste the truth, I taste the truth We know what I came here for So I won't ask for more "
  • If Your Believe - Mandy Moore
    "I close my eyes and even when I'm sleeping I'm alright Cause you are in my life Once upon a time I only imagined this And now you're mine Wished for you so hard Pray that you'd find me Maybe you're here"
  • Looking Foward To Looking Back - Mandy Moore
    "(M.Moore/Weepies) Drove to your house in the hills Where I wanted to be The lights were all on And I knew you were waiting for me And that road became familiar Like the mystery shape of your heart CHORUS"
  • Never Again - Mandy Moore
    "(M.Moore/J.Renald) I thought you loved me too much Sorry, my mistake And to think I gave you all I had to give For a "see you round" and "thanks for nothing" Never Again If they're all like you Then I'll"
  • Only Hope - A Walk To Remember - Mandy Moore
    "There's a song that's inside of my soul It's the one that I've tried to write over and over again I'm awake in the infinite cold But you sing to me over and over and over again So I lay my head back down And"
  • Quit Breakin' My Heart - Mandy Moore
    "you were my first slow dance thought that we had a chance but together was too hard for you hanging out with your friends and my exceptance sees all i need is for you to be true i know you care but it's"
  • Shades - Mandy Moore
    "(M.Moore/J.Renald) Where do I go from here? I'm feeling a little hollow You got any old ideas You're not using? I'll bring 'em right back I guess it should be unclear No need to force tomorrow Drowning"

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