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Marquess - Arriba');

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Marquess - Arriba');
  • Marquess Everyday
    "All my true love is confusing you But angels just told me you want it too I?m waiting, - now tell me - you love me too Love me everyday ? everyday ? everyday I will love you everyday I will love you everyday"
  • Marquess Falling
    "He said: "My girl I've got the Answers here inside You're looking sad maybe Some ?green' will make you happier tonight" All the faith inside was gone, yeah When she chose the easy road All the fear's still"
  • Marquess Flower
    "Lady! So many nights he was Hoping If you're feeling just the Same thing that he's Feeling for you Now he knows that you do 'Cause you told him yesterday ... He's depending on the words you say And Flower!"
  • Marquess Two more lonely people
    "Every time youre leaving me My heart`s an open book The truth is there for you to see Its time to take a look And thoughts that never crossed my mind Express what I can`r say The words I truly try to find"
  • Marquess Violent dreams
    "Sweet little lady Yesterday I felt You play a strange game Sweet little lady Now I know my feelings Turned to truth And you don't have to tell me What your soul can show me I'm not afraid of dying I'm"
  • Marquess We are alive
    "Come on and touch me Youll understand The things Im able You wont forget Need Information Dont want to see Poor stimulation Is on T.V. Chorus: We are alive? Question in my mind Were alive? Question in"
  • Marquess Weekend
    "I call my baby on a Saturday night My girl, Ill take you on a midnight flight Hey mama, close the door But turn on the light Dont stay up for me Cause Im, Im taking a ride The funky drummers are slowly"
  • Marquess Gods love
    "Chorus: Dont you know about Jesus? Havent you heard about love? Dont you know about Jesus? Havent you heard about Gods love? Boy I never saw You looking deep into my eyes Never saw what you did But when"
  • Marquess Gone now
    "Youre no longer by my side I told you lies and hurt your pride Im wrong now But baby youre gone now Waited for you all those years I never thought Id face your tears But somehow My sun will be gone now"
  • Marquess In trouble
    "Whenever you?re in trouble baby I will stand right by your side Whenever you?re in trouble baby I will stand right by your side You fall ? you stumble You?re making mistakes Forget to call me You know"

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