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Naomi Shelton

  • She Wouldn't Be Gone - Blake Shelton
    "Red roadside wild flower if I'd only picked you Took you home set you on the counter Oh, at least a time or two Maybe she'd thought it through. Yellow sunset slowly dipping down in the rear view Oh, how"
  • Can't Be Good - Blake Shelton
    "There's a campfire burning on the Mississippi River bank My old pickup speakers are cranking out alot of Hank That's the sheriff's daughter dancin' on my hood With an empty bottle this can't be good. There's"
  • Home - Blake Shelton
    "Another summer day Has come and gone away In Paris and Rome But I wanna go home Mmmmmmmm Maybe surrounded by A million people I Still feel all alone I wanna go home Oh, I miss you, you know And I've"
  • I Loved Her First - Blake Shelton
    "Look at the two of you dancing that way Lost in the moment and each others face So much in love your alone in this place Like there's nobody else in the world I was enough for her not long ago I was her"
  • She can't get that - Blake Shelton
    "He meets her at the front door, he can tell she's had a hard day at workShe's been needing him and he's sure been wantin' herHe touches her with tenderness, takes her in his arms and takes it slowWhat"
  • She doesn't know she's got it - Blake Shelton
    "On Friday night when I see her out Even in a crowd she's hard to miss There ain't a man breathing air Who wouldn't stop and stare And the best part is.. She doesn't know she's got it She doesn't know how"
  • She don't love me - Blake Shelton
    "You know if I'd seen her comin'I'd probably tried to hideBut I came around the cornerAnd she caught me by surpriseThere was no ice cold shoulderThere was no ugly sceneShe just smiled and didn't sayThe"
  • Some beach - Blake Shelton
    "Driving down the interstateRunning 30 minutes lateSinging 'Margaritaville' and minding my ownSome foreign car driving dudeWith a road rage attitudePulled up beside me talking on his cell phone.He started"
  • Someday - Blake Shelton
    "If time has no end and if time has no end A billion years a trillion years what then is infinity A cirlce an enternal loop It can drive you crazy searching for the truth Someday will we know all about"
  • That's what i call home - Blake Shelton
    "There's a house that's a little run down This city ain't never found It's miles and miles from a paved road That's where we grew up Seven children raised on love When life gets hard that's where we go"

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